Letter from John McLemore

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the Santa Clara majority voters who helped defeat the Measure A election that would have created only two Council Districts within Santa Clara. It was folly and a poor effort on the part of City Council to say their two district proposal would correct the City’s conflict with the California Voters Rights Act.

As predicted the Judge who presided over the lawsuit against the City found the City “guilty of violating the CVRA” the following day after the election. Many people have become aware of the dark money (over $92,000) that was brought in from OUTSIDE of California to try to influence the voters into voting for Measure A. Thank goodness that the majority of the voters saw through that political ploy effort, also, and chose wisely to defeat Measure A.

A giant question being discussed remains that says Lisa Gillmor wants to go back once more with the same silly proposition while spending tens of thousands of dollars of City money AGAIN. This would continue her personal agenda to create only two voting City Council districts. The RIGHT decision now is to create six new neighborhood oriented districts within the city that works within the California Voters Rights Act.