Letter from James Rowen

This is the hardest letter I have written to the Weekly, because, though I am known as an extraordinarily partisan individual, I have to see both sides in this matter. The Weekly is a valued asset to the community, and Lisa Gillmor is an asset to the community. As far as Jude Barry goes, I stand by my criticism of Mr. Barry as an overeager courtier with little ethics. But as much as I cherish Melissa McKenzie as a reporter, I think her essay assumes too much. Mr. Barry boasts to everyone that he is 21st Century Tudor Earl, but he forgets that the Tudors never relied on one leader at court, they employed many advisors and often set them in conflict. It is true Mr. Barry seems want to make a fast buck over new technology, but most of his schemes are slightly popped corn. I have known Lisa for 30 years, cordially, professionally, as friends, and adversaries. She is not a person easily influenced. Melissa well documents the short half life of Mr. Barry’s influence with mayors. Have no fear, Melissa, all plastic razors are discarded when dull.