Letter From Vilma Kennedy Pallette

If ever a governing board had an indelible experience with an impassioned community, it certainly happened at the SC Council meeting on Tuesday, April 21. The topic of course was the hot issue Soccer Park and the 49er offer to buy it. No matter which side of the issue anyone embraces, it seems sensible for all sides to take a long breather, preferably in collaborative partnership and in multiple meetings. Rushing into a decision implies inflexibility, a non-negotiating atmosphere and the darker implication that our political decision makers were heavily rewarded with 49er money during their campaigns. Otherwise, how could a rushed decision be justified?

I am a proud Santa Clara Senior resident who embraces fiscal responsibility but also who wants to see as many feasible opportunities given to our kids, especially in participatory sports. Until a specific replacement site is identified as available and for sale, there seems to be no logical reason to change anything. Surely the option of delaying decisions is a sensible choice, as will be professional studies and surveys so that as many Santa Clarans as possible will be informed and allowed to have their say. A rushed and immediate decision, to my mind, is unethical and dismissive.