Letter from Marty Sammon

Does anyone see the irony in Measure A “to save the Santa Clara unified school district?” We are so flush that we can build a $ 1.5 billion dollar stadium for the 49ers, (my estimate, but may be light because we started at $850 million) In addition, Robert Haugh writes of the love affair that the 49ers and the city of Santa Clara have had. He forgets to mention Santa Clara, Saint Mary’s and USF dropped football in the early fifties because they were using Kezar stadium as were the 49ers. People were not willing to go to a college game on a Saturday and a pro game on a Sunday.. The NFL is now mandated to NOT schedule a pro game on the same weekend in the same locale as a college game. Just thought I’d throw that in as this could be a tenuous one sided love affair. Peace and love.