Letter From Rozane Bey McCurdy

Santa Clara Weekly is privy to the details for a very last minute April 6th PR release from the 49ers alluding to a ‘proposal’ and interviews with Mayor Matthews, Council Member Caserta and SCUSD Sallings? NO MATERIALS were ever publicly released in arrears of the 72–hour requirement for distribution & review at the time the actual official public meeting taking place is noticed.

One can only assume by reviewing the donations made by certain organizations and companies to certain elected officials that these unofficial meetings are actually planning meetings and these press releases are merely formalities to notify residents of Santa Clara what dealings have been going on. These “open forums” the Council believes are being presented are merely a façades for Done Deals.

Please don’t believe the entire electorate to be ignorant of the Brown Act; as all are not with short–termed memories as to cause and effect.