Letter From Dana Masuda

Dear Lost Soul who stole my daughter’s backpack: Maybe your parent’s didn’t love you enough. Maybe they loved you too much. Maybe they didn’t love you the way you wanted or needed to be loved by them. Whatever the case, you lost your way. You may find it a bit silly or even ridiculous that a 12-year-old girl would cry over missing homework or her goofy comic drawings with which she idles away her time. That backpack full of 6th grade class notes and half eaten granola bars represents something to her, her future. Her strongest desire is to do well in school – well enough to be accepted into a notable college, get a good job, build a family and contribute to society. Today you made her cry and I am angry with you and I am sad for you. Your actions hurt her. They were a setback, but she will recover. The backpack was only a material item and can be replaced. What you can’t steal is her spirit and desire to succeed. Lost Soul, you might want to take a lesson from my daughter. Go to school, contribute to society, have a dream, make it happen, and quit stealing the backpacks of 12-year-old girls.