Letter from Rozane Marie Bey-McCurdy

I was glad to see the endorsements of special interest groups and their spokespeople early enough in the election cycle to be able to perform extensive research on credentials, education, work history and character so I could make the best informed choice I could on Election Day.

My special thanks to Mr. Barber for pointing out that our electorate is oftentimes uneducated at best; I made sure that I did not fall into that category! After having ‘shared experiences’ with former candidates and lively discussions with newer candidates, I can say am happy to support: Santa Clara Mayor: Deborah Bress, Santa Clara City Council #2: Karen Hardy; Santa Clara City Council #5: Kevin Park; SCUSD School Board Area 2: Dr. Christine Koltermann and SCUSD School Board Area 3: Dr. Michael Helms.

I am looking for fresh ideas, responsible, educated, mature people to move our city forward.