Letter from Royana Gazlay

When I first met Dominic in 2002, I was impressed that he was a teacher and that he had positive vision for Santa Clara’s neighborhoods. I enthusiastically joined his campaign. Since then, Dominic has proven to be the leader that I trusted he would become.

Dominic has been a strong advocate for my neighborhood, the South of Forest Neighborhood, by voting to approve new streets and sidewalks; change our Santa Clara neighborhood back to a Santa Clara zip code; and helped us appeal to City Council regarding modifications to the general plan to keep our neighborhood zoned residential to deter commercial encroachment.

Dominic is a doer. If you call him, he calls you back. He is responsive and truly listens. Let us return responsiveness back to our City Council. Let Dominic again work with and for you. Please join me and vote for Dominic Caserta for Seat 5.