Letter From Rich Solis

It amazes me just how gullible people are. Ground has been broken and the DDA has not been finalized, no details on financing for a project that will cost over a billion dollars when it’s finished. Where’s the details? No worries, let’s build it and worry about how we pay for it later. Every step of this project has been the same. Pass it and worry about the details later, but hey it’s a great deal for the city so let’s do it. What a way to run a city.

It must be a great feeling for a professional sports team to go to a city, exploit a weakness, lead them by the nose and then get what they want. It’s pretty obvious that is exactly what has happened here. The city of Santa Clara builds a new billion dollar stadium for a team that carries another city’s name, The San Francisco 49ers.

That truly is the lesson of manipulation.