Letter From Larry Rinzel

Santa Clara has approximately 116,000 people (Wikipedia US 2010 Census; 25,000 under 18). If these numbers are correct, and if the 91,000 adults pay for their “fair share” of the $850,000,000.00 loan, they will each pay $9340.00 (not including debt fees).

I hope every person in Santa Clara gets free lifetime tickets to all games played at the new stadium. I suspect, given the hidden agenda by the 49er’s and the Santa Clara City Council, the residents will be charged just like anyone else for tickets. I’m glad I don’t live in Santa Clara. $9K is a lot of money for football tickets.

Can’t the City Council do simple math? Who are these people, (including the city attorney, “a deal is a deal”)?

I certainly wouldn’t trust any part of my life to these people. They are just lost, or being paid very, very well.