Letter From Virginia Ronchetti

I have been a fan of the 49ers football team for years but I do feel that the city needs to take a look around. I walk on this street five days a week. There are three of us ladies that walk each day and since there is only room for two on the sidewalk, I walk along the curb.

Now I would like to invite the mayor and the city council to join me on one of my walks. This is just a short distance of bad streets. But if we have them here, then there are more in other parts of the city.

Also I read in the paper how long some of our council members have been in office. I think its time for a change. The people of Santa Clara need to look for some fresh people to put in office. People who will do what is best for the people of Santa Clara and not what’s best for themselves.

I’ve lived in Santa Clara for 59 years. My children went all the way through the Santa Clara School system, but I’m really glad that none of my family is in the school system today. So before you give our money away on a football stadium, take care of business in the city.