Letter From Patty Atherton

The opposition tried to get a referendum, which was ruled illegal in the California Election code. Now, that didn’t work, so let’s try and recall the Mayor & Council.

The Council/Staff have been transparent throughout this process; documents were posted on the City website, information was discussed on our city Television station. I have attended all of the council meetings on the 49er stadium deal.

Mayor Matthews is a great Mayor and very well respected in our community. Our Mayor and Council care about what’s best for our City. They have spent thousands of hours analyzing, asking questions, making sure this is a good deal for our city.

Anyone can collect signatures when you mislead residents by stating “49ers aren’t paying a dime to the stadium.”

The decision was made by the voters in 2010 – let’s make it happen.

Thank you Mayor and Council for seeing the vision and following it through.