Letter From Larry Feltes

I make it a point to read your paper and most all articles each week and they are very informative and helpful and thought provoking, also the column from Milestones. I was reading the article about the Thanksgiving dinner at St. Clare’s and wanted to thank the Marsalli Family for starting that in 2007. We have really enjoyed that this will be our second year. My wife, Maria has had a lot of kidney problems this year and the year before she had a stroke and before that I had a major heart attack, so making a meal at home is very hard to do, although I really like that. But it is too much now and most of our kids are too busy to come and they live in other places.

So a BIG thank you to the Marsalli Family and to ALL the workers that help and serve. I have learned serving sometimes it is hard, but I have learned that God wants us to serve others and then we will find ourselves becoming fuller and more satisfied down deep inside where nobody can see except us and God. At my job that I have had for about 38 years, I serve to keep our building looking nice so that all of the residents will feel proud to live here and the Board that I work for will be happy. So a Big Thank You to all and to the staff at St. Clare’s and kitchen staff for making life just a little easier.