Letter From Jack & Linda Azevedo

To those who just can’t accept the fact that the new 49er stadium and related projects are becoming reality, let me quote the ever-puzzling Nancy Pelosi, “embrace the suck.” What seems to offend those people the most is the fact the 49ers are owned by “BILLIONAIRES!” Who’s next on the “class envy” list, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison?

In that same vein, let us not forget the 49ers organization brings our small town community a lot of residual spending and tax revenue. Above and beyond that is the wonderful work done by the 49er Foundation who raise millions of dollars for those in need as well as organizing community events where their “million” dollar players donate their time and yes, money to help we the people of Santa Clara to continue enjoying the wonderful, diverse city it is. GO, 9ers!!!!!!

A very Merry Christmas and Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year to one and all.