Letter From Lee Ellak

I shop in Santa Clara all the time just so I don’t have to pay San Jose’s 10 cent bag fee.

The bag ban is one thing, but to punish seniors, the unemployed, low income folks and just about everyone else with fees for bags is callous, insensitive and totally ripping hard-needed money right out of the pockets and purses of the public unnecessarily.

We are already strapped with the highest rents in the United States and saddled with some of the most expensive housing prices in America. Don’t make it worse by stealing money from the residents in the guise of a fee.

There are many reasons to oppose the plastic bag ban: the fee, the passing of the ordinance without voter approval, the versatility of the plastic bag, the sterility of new bag versus unclean re-usable bags brought back into store and the loss of goodwill for the city.

Santa Clara is a great city. Don’t become known as another scrooge city squeezing every penny out of its residents.