Letter From Goodwyn

The 49ers plan on moving the soccer park onto a big part of Ulistac in order to get parking. Taking out the only wild place in Santa Clara is vandalism.

When they demolished the wetlands where Cisco now stands, the city replaced them at Ulistac. With a soccer area next to this vulnerable habitat, there would be more noise, trash, and careless fans trampling over everything: chaos. Here’s another problem. Where are you going to put parking for the new soccer park? Hundreds of volunteers have spent thousands of hours in the making of this amazing place. The city is disregarding and disrespecting them.

Many would say, “why not just replant?” You can’t replace mature trees and precious shrubs. Plus, there isn’t anywhere else to go. Ulistac is the only undeveloped place in all of Santa Clara. Many animals would lose their habitat and die out in this area. The general public would lose quietness and serenity. Kids would miss out on a wild, free place to play that we love.

The wetlands lose to the fans, the plant habitat loses to the soccer park, the animals lose their habitat, and the people lose the wilderness. Please help save Ulistac by sending in letters and emails to the council, or visit saveulistac.org.