Letter From Rich Solis

First it was Great America, then the golf course and the soccer park. What else do we as a city have to give up to pacify a team that bears the name of another city? Could it be local business?

It appears now that local businesses that already will be inconvenienced on Sunday game days or other events at the stadium on weekends because of the inadequate parking now are being asked by the billionaire owners of the San Francisco 49ers to be inconvenienced even further. The 49ers want these businesses to change their business hours so they can play on Monday and Thursday night games. Really!!!!!!!!!!!

Are we going to inconvenience thousands of employees so the billionaire owners of the 49ers can line their pockets? One would hope that these businesses tell the 49ers “Thanks, But No Thanks.” One thing we can’t afford as a city is high tech companies leaving and taking thousands of jobs with them because of the 49ers.