Letter From John Azevedo

To those wealth envy people who speak of one who will “engineer a redistribution of wealth that favors the middle class, We already have that “someone” in our own President Barack Obama who often speaks on the subject, while increasing his own wealth by an estimated ten million dollars(700%). Yet, during his presidency, the average annual income for the “middle class” has decreased by approximately $2500.

What is really scary are those who blindly support a man who promised to unite our great country yet, has spent the past five years driving a wedge between; the rich and poor, the conservative and the liberal, women against men and minorities against non-minorities.

Are there some people who became wealthy through greed and corruption? Most certainly! But, inheritance is not one of them nor would I guess a majority of those who did in-fact work hard and sacrifice to achieve the American dream.

Judge a person, not by what they say or what others might say about them but, by what they do.