Letter From Rich Solis

Fellow golfers,

As the City and the 49ers turn the golf course into a parking lot for stadium events and the Montana and Related proposals move forward it is only a matter of time before the city’s golf course is gone, replaced with office space and retail shops.

Contrary to what you are being told by the golf course the focus of the city’s leadership is not the course itself but the acreage it sits on. To sum up the direction of the city is to quote one of our council members, “the golf course has served its purpose.”

With the push to get the Montana project done before the Super Bowl in 2016 and the parking contract with Stadco for two years and the management contract of the course expiring in 2017 coupled with the general sense by city leadership that development of the acreage is what’s best for the city long term, can one conclude that just maybe the city’s golf course is on track to close?

When one looks at the big picture and considers all information that is available at this time, I don’t think you can conclude differently.