Letter From Stephanie Munoz

It’s surprising that somebody who writes for a newspaper has had such a narrow life experience that he can write a column about the “far left socialists who make the wealthy out to be villains.” How can any journalist not perceive that we have Titanic inequities which are dragging our country down? Doonesbury’s matronly speechwriter said it best “People don’t resent (millionaires); they just want to know the system isn’t rigged.”

But it is rigged. We tax capital gains more lightly than work, and lend the nation’s money at a low rate to banks which lend it at a higher rate to individuals, and even make employers use a usurious monopoly private health brokerage, so the money skimmed off the top can be used as investment capital to provide all that employment opportunity Mr. Barber speaks of.

Stop trashing us do-gooders. We aren’t ungracious curmudgeons who want to take away the wealthy’s well deserved Paris vacation or Ferrari; we just want to get America back to what it used to be, where we spend money on schools instead of prisons so our own people can work in the tech industry, and the old time industry jobs stay here so the proles can be Good Consumers and own homes and pay taxes.