Letter From B. Johnstone

How fortunate we were here in Santa Clara. We chose an excellent group of local representatives to care for our legislative issues. Many were re-elected, having previously proven their honesty and worth and a few were new – but surely in the same category of decent people.

But as to the rest of the country, it’s clear the public was sick and tired of the continual bad news. Let’s review: gas prices are now below $3 so our dear oil companies’ profits will be way down, our Marines are essentially to be thrown out of work as they have been pulled out of Afghanistan, the stock market is going so high you can’t afford to buy a good stock anymore, etc, etc.

No wonder the people are sick and tired of Democratic leadership. Big changes ahead! Boy, things are now really going to be fixed!

Yeah, right! Just wait. It used to be said that “you get the government you paid for” but with the recent court decisions permitting unlimited and secret contributions, it is now “you get the government that attracted the most campaign funding.”