Letter from John Azevedo

I’m not sure if many of my fellow Santa Clara residents just can’t accept the fact their opposition to the new and very successful Levi stadium was defeated or they simply fail to grasp that any contribution to a political candidate is an attempt to “buy” a vote, whether it’s a $5 donation or millions of dollars. My guess is that many of those who decry local political contributions by the 49er’s and other large entities see no problem with our President spending millions of tax dollars flying around the country soliciting political donations from the very same “rich” companies that, both he and they, suggest are somehow being evil and untrustworthy. Hypocrisy is a terrible curse.

Large companies and organizations, like individuals who donate $5, $20, etc., do so in support of political candidates they hope will represent their interest. It makes no difference if it’s my neighbor down the street supporting his/her neighbor, or the San Francisco 49ers. Freedom is what makes this the greatest country known to man. Every time freedom is denied or constricted, we all lose.