Letter from Rozane Bey-McCurdy

Voters “overwhelmingly declared….” The important point missing was the deplorably low voter turnout reflecting who bothered to vote or return their ballots, if their ballots were correct to begin with, or were even received at all.

The only thing M. Barber stated 100% correctly was, “If a candidate wins with 40% of the vote, it simply means that 60% of the voters preferred another candidate.” I hope that message was clear and expect that with the acceptance of victories, the victors are cognizant of responsibilities to be maintained and promises to the constituency to be kept.

Although I’m sure all residents hope the newly (re)elected do well and have the best interests of all Santa Clarans in mind, the percentages of non-supporters of the victors in all of election races will be watching closely, very closely to make sure they do.