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Intel Car Show

Intel Car Show

Mission Boulevard in Santa Clara was buzzing with activity on July 23 as cars cruised to Intel’s Santa Clara campus for the 8th Annual Intel Car Show.

With about 125 cars on display and no judging, it’s easy to see why the show has grown in popularity over the years. Held during lunch (11:30 am to 1:30 pm), the show attracts a loyal following.

Each year, the cars change, but unlike a lot of shows, entry is free. Those showing a car receive a voucher for lunch and a bottle of Meguiar’s Interior Detailer Cleaner.

Frontier Ford

Because of the unique nature of the show, the modern-day exotics didn’t garner the attention they usually do. Sunnyvale resident Ellen Sallers, summed it up, “I was walking to my car when I heard an odd sound – the rumble of small engines. There’s a great looking silver and black Toyota Sports 800. Right over here is a Hillman Husky [an import from Britain produced from 1954 through 1970]. I had never heard of that before. There are cars I dreamt about as a kid and made models of – there’s a [1950] Jaguar XK120 and even a [1964] Dodge Dart. You don’t walk around Santana Row seeing these things.” Fremont resident, Russell Steinberg, said he came to meet friends from a car-club. “This will be a long lunch – it’s worth it.”

Kaiser Permanente

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