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Hitachi Vantara Finds New Home Just Down the Road

A Santa Clara based tech company has a new home, just a few miles away from its old one. Hitachi Vantara is the newest resident at the Santa Clara Square on Augustine Drive.

“Hitachi Vantara’s new Santa Clara headquarters may only be 1.7 miles away from our previous campus on Lafayette Street, but it’s also light years ahead in terms of design and functionality,” said Jonathan Martin, Hitachi Vantara’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Hitachi Vantara added all the bells and whistles to the new facility. There are touchscreens outside of every conference room for easy check-in and large screens for presentations inside the rooms. There’s also a walk-up IT support bar that was lovingly dubbed the Tech Dojo by employees.


“Although a ‘dojo’ is traditionally defined as a space for focused learning (for example, the practice of martial arts), our Tech Dojo will be a place where employees’ technology needs are the focus,” said Martin.

Instead of calling and waiting for an IT employee to show up, employees can now walk into the Tech Dojo and receive IT support on any of their company devices. They can also swipe their ID badge to get items like keyboards or headsets.

The six-story building is visible from Highway 101 and is home to more than just the Hitachi Vantara global headquarters. It also houses divisions of its parent company Hitachi Inc. including the regional offices of Hitachi America, Ltd. and the Hitachi Insight Center. The Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation, a lab that operates as the global research and development headquarters for all of Hitachi’s businesses, is also located in the building.

Martin says Hitachi Vantara has operated in the Silicon Valley for nearly 30 years and so company executives knew what they were looking for when they started the search for a new location.

“This move demonstrates our commitment to building a world-class organization focused on accelerating customers’ digital transformation,” said Martin. “Not only is the building a better tool for our business, bringing us all together in a modern, efficient space, but it also places us squarely in the center of Silicon Valley. We rub shoulders with many of the technology industry’s other movers and shakers.”

The new office is practically next door to the likes of Amazon, AMD, and Ericsson. It’s also across the street from the Santa Clara Square Marketplace, which is home to a number of retail and restaurant locations including Flemings Steakhouse, Il Fornaio, and Whole Foods. There’s also a large apartment complex located just down the road.

Martin says the walkability aspects of the new building appealed to Hitachi Vantara because of its efforts to be as earth-friendly as possible.

“Nature is an important part of the Hitachi brand,” said Martin. “With this in mind, we created a living wall in the lobby that greets our visitors and serves as a reminder to employees of our corporate sustainability.”


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