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Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

Do you have a hidden treasure? On July 13, local citizens presented assorted unique objects to get them appraised at the Harris Laas antiques appraisal ìShow and Tell.

All our appraisers are back by popular demand. You are in for a treat,î announces Anita Marencia,î who co-chaired the event with her daughter, Donna Marencia. And the attendees settle in after a tasty lunch catered by Pat Smith’s ìExtravaganzaî for an instructive, fun afternoon.


A small Bohemian red glass vase is valued at $250-300 by Steven Wayne Yvaska, the appraiser known for writing about antiques for the San Jose Mercury News. (See The owner, Santa Claran Barbara Mordy, is delighted and says, ì This is my first time to this event. I love antiques. This was my grandmother’s and I brought it because it has no markings and I wanted to know what it is worth.

Items to be given a monetary value ranged from an old dandelion root puller brought to stump the experts by Weekly photographer Christy Kinney, to a document that dated back to Abraham Lincoln’s ancestors, worth up to $2000. Other items to catch the eye were a silk umbrella that probably dates back 75 years, as well as a beautiful tapestry valued at $125.

ìI found this at spring cleanup and got it from my friends and neighbors who were throwing it out,î beams Santa Claran Marilyn Petersen, who brought the tapestry, which turned out to be a reproduction of a French design.

ìI used to play with my grandmother’s documents as a child, and remembered them as an adult after she died,î explains Susan Landry, owner of the valuable document from 1736.

A painting that was purchased at a thrift store for $3.75 by Carole Smith, volunteer tour guide at the Harris Laas, is the prize of the day. It is appraised at being worth over $3000!

Valuable collecting tips are also given at the ìShow and Tell.î Expert Denise Harr, who is a former antique shop owner, points out to listeners when describing attendee Steve Bowden’s sample of a pig bank that it is ìthe best type with no paint on it and the joints fit well. There is a smooth surface. The bank is priced around $600.

Chuck Zanolio, who says his expertise is in ìbooks and how things are manufacturedî instructs the audience that ìoriginal boxes of old toys are actually worth more sometimes than the original object, or it can double the value of the toy.î

ì I come here to support my community. The Harris Laas House is an example of a heritage we need to revere and keep safe,î comments Glorian Quigley.

ìThis event has been going on at least ten years,î offers Sue Kozdon, Treasurer of the Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara, which sponsors the event.

ìEveryone collects something. Our ìShow and Tellî antiques appraisal has grown in popularity since the PBS ìAntiques Road Showî has come into existence,î Bob Byrd, President of the Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara, summarizes.

ìThis is a crazy market. In a year it will be different,î concludes Steven Yvaska, appraiser.

Contact Anita Marcencia, Board of Directors Member of the Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara for more information at (408) 296-5949.

The next Harris Laas House Museum event is August 6: Family Day and Open House from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. Contact Sue Kozden at (408) 984-8071. The Harris Laas House is at 1889 Market Street in Santa Clara.

Check out the historical exhibits through the month of July at the Santa Clara Senior Center at 1303 Fremont Street and the Santa Clara City Hall at 1500 Warburton, as well.


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