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Get The Weekly Newspaper Delivered During COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order

Are you missing your weekly dose of local news? Because most public spaces are now closed to the public, we understand that those of you who used to pick up a copy of The Weekly are no longer able to. We want to help you stay informed during this unprecedented time.

As we have done for decades, we can deliver the newspaper to your home for just $4.99 per month. Feel free to call our office at 408-243-2000 to subscribe or send an email to Delivery is available to Santa Clara and Sunnyvale residents. Additional delivery options are available for those who don’t live in those cities.

During this time, we are committed to keeping you informed about the latest resources available to you, the latest guidelines and advice, and much more COVID-19 related news. What we’re not here to do is scare you or sensationalize the current situation. We value your trust and we intend on keeping it.


If you’d like to have The Weekly delivered to your home, again, please call our office at 408-243-2000 to subscribe or send an email to


Other Announcements:

Also, we want to hear about the unsung heroes who are showing their big hearts during these unprecedented times. If you have a local hero who is helping you or someone you know, and you want to thank them, send us your “Thank You Letters.” Whether they’re helping you with grocery shopping, sharing disinfecting wipes, or showing kindness in any way, thank them in a letter and send it our way. We will publish these letters in our paper and online. Help us share some heart-warming community spirit during these times.


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  1. Ethan 4 years ago

    I would like to read the news paper.

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