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Extra Yard for Teachers, Landed Gives $25K to Local Teacher

With the College Football Playoff in the area, most people naturally think about football. However, the College Football Playoff has a charitable arm — the College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation, which supports education across the country. The CFP Foundation’s primary platform is a program called Extra Yard for Teachers.

Extra Yard for Teachers is dedicated to elevating the teaching profession by inspiring and empowering teachers. The National Championship game provided “…an opportunity to give back to the communities that support student-athletes, teams and schools that participate in the playoff series,” explained Britton Banowsky, Executive Director for the CFP Foundation.

Held over the weekend of Jan. 5-6 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, that opportunity became the Extra Yard for Teachers Summit.


Through a partnership with Extra Yard for Teachers, Landed is an organization that, among other things, helps professionals struggling to live in the Bay Area. Funded by a variety of organizations that want to invest in teachers, Landed has offered three $25,000 grants to be used towards a future home mortgage payment.

Beti Magana, a teacher at Scott Lane Elementary School was chosen as the next award recipient at the Extra Yard for Teachers Summit. Magana, who has taught at Scott Lane for eight years, was selected from over 7,000 applicants.

“We were having breakfast and started getting calls asking if we were going to come and how many people would be coming,” recalled Magana. “It was a last-minute thing so we couldn’t bring the crew. I’ve never won anything, so I was surprised to hear I was a finalist. We’re currently looking to purchase a house either in Santa Clara or San Jose so this is a huge help.”

For more information on Landed, visit their website  For more information on Extra Yard for Teachers, visit their website  For more information on the CFP Foundation, visit their website


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