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Bruins, Chargers battle it out in rivalry

Bruins, Chargers battle it out in rivalry Bruins, Chargers battle it out in rivalry

Wilcox and Santa Clara high schools’ girls volleyball teams were at it again on Oct. 27 as they faced off in a five set duel, with the Bruins of Santa Clara coming out on top.

Though there were only two lead changes, the first set set the tone for the rest of the game, with the teams battling back and forth to claim the first victory. Wilcox led the set most of the time. Even when Santa Clara tied it at 24, the Chargers were able to get to consecutive points, ending the set 26-24.

“There’s a reason we play three out of five and the game’s not over until the game is over,” says Santa Clara head coach Noel Kwalick. “It’s just a lot of positive motivation; keep fighting and at no point in time is the game done after we lose our first.”


Santa Clara came out strong the next set with five uninterrupted points. Dominating most of the set, the Bruins only allowed Wilcox to score consecutive points on two occasions. Despite the back and forth scoring, Santa Clara took the second set, 25-13.

The Bruins took charge once again claiming the first four points of the next set. But Wilcox rallied back, going on a few five point rallies and dominating Santa Clara in the third set, winning 25-17.

In true rival fashion, the Bruins didn’t back down in the fourth set. Though the Chargers took the first four points, halfway through the set Santa Clara came alive. Down 10-6, the Bruins took the lead with six consecutive points. Despite six lead changes, the Chargers rallied five uninterrupted points, winning 25-22, tying the game at two.

In the final set, Wilcox quickly fell 6-0. With Santa Clara only needing three more points to win, junior Kristine Plena of Wilcox suffered a knee injury forcing her to leave the game. Though Wilcox would take the next point, Santa Clara stopped any major damage and produced the last three points to win the set (15-10) and the game.

“This was probably our best game to win to bring us to the last week of our season,” says Kwalick. “Coming into our senior night, this was good motivation and energy for us to fuel into our last couple of matches.”

Both teams end their seasons on the road on Nov 5; Santa Clara will play Milpitas High School and Wilcox will play Fremont High School. Both games will be at 6:45 p.m.


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