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Beautiful Faces Come from Deepa’s Salon

Beautiful Faces Come from Deepa's Salon

When your eyebrows are bushy and untamed, have no fear. Go to Deepa’s Salon located at 3194 De La Cruz Boulevard #6 in Santa Clara. You will sit in a chair at one of the threading stations, tilt your head back, and gently hold onto the skin around your lids. Then Deepa or one of her daughters will lightly brush a piece of thread against your brows to pull away the stray hairs. After that, tiny scissors will quickly trim down your brows. You will leave the salon with neat brows, defined with a sensual arch.

“When you’re applying wax, it goes onto the skin as well as the hair, and so it will pull a layer of skin off,” says Navneet Lamba, who works alongside her mother, Deepa, and her sister, Jasneet. “Threading is more beneficial than waxing because it’s as simple as a thread pulling out the hair. Though threading is popular in the Indian culture, it wasn’t originated there. If I’m not wrong, I’d say this originated in Egypt.”


Deepa’s clients, who come from all backgrounds, call her “Deepa, the Threading Queen.” A native of India, Deepa has been threading faces in Santa Clara for 25 years. For years, she worked out of a video store in the city. In July 2011, Deepa opened a family-run salon to offer other beauty services in addition to threading.

According to Lamba, the henna plant is used in some of the salon’s beauty treatments. When it is converted from its powdered form into a paste, henna offers reddish and brownish tones and has a cooling effect when applied.

“We do temporary henna tattoos; it’s usually done on brides for Indian weddings,” she says. “Some people like to have flowers and butterflies tattooed on, or whatever comes to mind.”

“Henna is also used to color hair and can be used for gray coverage,” Lamba continues. “We add egg to the color if the client requests it because the egg conditions the hair. There are no chemicals here. After we apply the henna to the hair, it’s supposed to stay on for at least two hours.”

While threading and henna-based treatments are commonly offered at many Indian beauty salons, Lamba emphasizes that Deepa’s Salon is an American salon. She adds that the services are performed adhering to standard American practices, and all tools and equipment are sanitized in compliance with state regulations.

Other hair services offered at Deepa’s Salon include hair cuts, styling, and traditional color treatments using a salon brand of hair dye. Those who want to pamper their skin can choose between a relaxation facial or a facial designed for acne-prone skin. Nail enthusiasts would be pleased to know that the salon offers a gel polish that can be applied to natural nails and cured, or set, under a UV light in just minutes.

“Along with having inner beauty, having an [attractive] appearance can also make a difference [in your outlook] because it will make you feel better as a person to know you look good,” says Lamba, encouraging new clients to try out Deepa’s Salon.

Call (408) 844-9700 for more information.


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