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Author Andrew X. Pham Speaks at Mission College

Author Andrew X. Pham Speaks at Mission College

Award-winning Vietnamese-American author Andrew X. Pham is a former resident of Santa Clara. He dropped out of the M.B. A. program at Santa Clara University to be a writer. Now Pham lives in Thailand where he grows rice, fruit and rubber trees. He visits the United States roughly once a year to see his family. So, students at Mission College were lucky to hear Pham speak at their school library and in classrooms on Oct. 8.

“I did a lecture here about 12 to 13 years ago, and the student body’s diversity has changed significantly since then,” Pham says. “The school’s more diverse now. I was surprised [that interest in] my work transcends racial lines.”

Pham wrote “Catfish and Mandala” and “The Eaves of Heaven,” both non-fiction books. “Catfish and Mandala is a memoir about Pham’s family’s journey coming to America and about his year-long solo bicycle trip through Vietnam. “The Eaves of Heaven” is a biography of Pham’s father, whose life has spanned through three wars, from the feudal period of Vietnam to the fall of Saigon. Pham has won awards for his work, including the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize.


“I document stories that would never be written about or heard about by the Western world,” Pham says. “I feel it is my responsibility to document what we experienced of the Vietnam War from the Vietnamese perspective.”

Pham was born in Vietnam and came to the United States as a refugee when he was eight years old. He grew up in the Bay Area and was a food critic for the Metro, a Silicon Valley newspaper. He has also self-published a cookbook and started a food blog called Although the site isn’t regularly updated, Pham still encourages food lovers to visit.

Pham spent the last 12 years traveling abroad in Southeast Asia. He is currently working on another book about Vietnam.


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  1. James Bell 2 years ago

    Hi Andrew. Did you attend Andrew Hill high school in San Jose California? I’m a science teacher at Silver Creek High a mile or so from Andrew Hill. I read your book about the bike trip. It was recommended by a teacher from Andrew Hill. This weekend I watched the play
    Vietgone about the experience of Vietnamese adjusting to life in America. It was written and played by all Vietnamese actors. The story was about the playwright’s family escaping from the war at the end and how they dealt with leaving family behind. One of the family members was a helicopter pilot who was taken to the US to get trained and then returned to fight with the Americans. I bet your story might interest them for another play? If you are interested I can get you in touch with them…

    James Bell

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