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Art Association Celebrates 39th Year

Art Association Celebrates 39th Year

In addition to the exhibits at the Triton Museum of Art, another display of incredible artists is showing at the Triton’s Rose Shenson Community (behind the Headen-Inman House).

Now in its 39th year, the Santa Clara Art Association’s annual exhibit runs through June 24 and is showcasing the diversity of the group. Photography, sculpture, painting and drawing are all well represented among the pieces shown.


Yao-Pi Hsu’s photo, “Celebration,” took first place in the photography category, as well as the award for the most creative entry and the Director’s Award presented by the Triton’s Chief Curator Preston Metcalf.

“I took this photo at the Presentation Center in Santa Cruz,” said Hsu. “It’s a Catholic retreat center. When I took this photo it was during the day – high noon. I was intrigued by the shadows because it was at the right time [of day]. If [the shadows] shift toward the inside, it’s not the same. At that time it was a set up for a wedding and they only had half [of what you see]. I took the photo because I thought it was interesting. When I looked at it on the computer, I suddenly had an idea to make an identical copy of it…I flipped it over and I merged them and it became a perfect circle so I thought, “that’s a celebration.”

Although not winning any awards, Hai Trieu Dao’s abstract canvas paintings tell deeper stories and reflect his viewings as an American immigrant.

“This painting, the name is “Place of Possibilities #1,” said Dao. “I came from Vietnam…The reason why we came here is we were looking for a better place to live – more freedom for me, my wife and [at the time] two children….The first day when we came here, I saw a lot of trees and thought, “it’s so beautiful – green – that’s the place, a good place that we need to live.” So I took my family from [Vietnam to America]…You can see a lot of trees in [the painting]. You can see people laying down and feeling good.”

In “Dream Within Dreams” Dao depicts the concept of dreaming within dreams.

“The first thing I do is I get the canvas and I start to do the texture…I want to start with the texture first. Then after that I let it dry and sit in front of the white [canvas] for hours and hours because I don’t paint from a picture or anything,” said Dao. “The texture gives [the painting] more feeling. When I look [at the painting] I can pick up some feeling – a lot of feeling….Some dreams make you very happy and some [are] terrible and they make you sad. When we lost the country, when we lived with the government who doesn’t give people freedom – that’s the black stuff – the bad dream, but I still remember. That’s why you see the red color and the black color.”

In addition to Hsu and Dao’s pieces, works are included by: Ivette Bookman, Jennifer Hammar, Donna Orme, James Thomas, Ruth Priest, Martha Edwards, Connie O’Connell, Solange Glaize, Bruce Bookman, Michael Rogan, Pat Gora, Egnalya Aznaran, Ni Zhu, Joann Quinn, Mai Eisaman, Fabiane Maluchuik, Bobbie Frederickson, Jane Kwant, and Gabriel Ibarra.

The exhibit is only showing for one more weekend. Visit this Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. For information on Dao visit To see more of Hsu’s work visit


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