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Ancient Practice Alive At Ayoma

Ancient Practice Alive At Ayoma

Vata. Pitta. Kapha. Each dosha defines who we are as people and everyone falls into one or more of these natures. At Ayoma Life Spa inside Santana Row’s Hotel Valencia, they strive to help their clients balance their dosha through standard spa treatments and Ayurvedic principles.

“Ayurveda is a very natural, very simple healing system,” says Jenny Rodriguez, Ayoma’s spa director. “It is a healing of the mind, body and person.”


Ayurveda, an Indian practice, has been around over 5000 years and emphasizes the prevention of disease, rejuvenation of the body and the extension of the life span through herbal personal care, diet, massage, exercise, art, and environment. According to the Ayoma website, “Ayurvedic healing combines energy therapies with herbal care, nutrition, bodywork and fitness to provide a total solution that addresses the entire constitution from inside out and outside in. Every treatment is tailored to address the healing needs of your particular dosha (mind/body constitution) for a personalized service geared to you.”

Upon arrival to Ayoma Life Spa, a brief survey is taken to determine which dosha or doshas best describe the client. A Vata is creative, quick and imaginative with a thin, light frame and is prone to bouts of spontaneity and excessive spending. A Pitta is sharp, intellectual and direct with a muscular, medium build and is passionate, driven and a natural leader. A Kapha is detail oriented and consistent with a larger frame and is thoughtful, forgiving and patient.

The client’s dosha will define which massage techniques and oils are used. Someone who is a Vata, for example, will have a massage with a dosha-specific massage oil meant to relax the body and mind. The massage strokes will be slower and designed to break up built up toxins in the body.

Although the aforementioned massage sounds like a standard massage received at any day spa, the Ayoma massage is very different. Attention is paid to areas overlooked in other massages – the ears, scalp and stomach are included in the overall treatment. The post-massage feeling is a little different from other massage treatments. There may be some slight muscle soreness, but the effects last for days. “What we do is not done in one treatment,” says Rodriguez. She continues that the need to keep the doshas balanced goes beyond what can be accomplished in one visit. “It’s a whole lifestyle.”

While Ayoma Life Spa promotes the practice of Ayurveda, it is not required for clients to participate in an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda is the underlying principle, but it is not forced on clients. The knowledgeable staff, however, will answer any questions a client may have about Ayurveda and consultations with an Ayurvedic practitioner are listed on the menu of services along with various massages and facials.

Ayoma Life Spa is on the 5th floor of the Hotel Valencia in Santana Row. For appointments, please call 408-423-5424. Additional information about Ayoma Life Spa and Ayurveda is available at


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