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Amount of Crime Decreased in April

After every month, the Santa Clara Police Department releases the month’s crime statistics. According to the numbers, known crime incidents were in the 300s range from January through March; however, in April, incidents dropped to 267.

Thankfully, Santa Clara has not had a homicide in 2017. There were also no robberies in April. Other types of crime like assault, vehicle theft and burglary also decreased. Take a look at recent crime statistics on the City’s website:

However, this year, the SCPD has sent a couple messages to the community that car break-ins are on the rise. To protect yourself and your property, they suggest locking your car, never leaving valuables in sight, parking with safety in mind, never leaving your keys in your car and looking into anti-theft devices. If you see any suspicious activity call the non-emergency line at 408-615-5580.


The SCPD partners with CrimeReports so additional information on crimes in Santa Clara, or even your specific neighborhood, can be found on their website

April’s crime statistics were made available on May 22 so keep an eye out towards the middle of June for the next batch of crime stats.


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