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America’s National Treasures Blu-ray. The Complete 12 Volume Series – Not Rated

This is a real bargain and fabulous deal. Details later.

It is a two disk set containing all 12 parts of a 2006 TV series.

Filmed in HD it is truly spectacular. When you visit any retail outlet selling Blu-ray players and big screen HD TV’s this is the sort of program they have on for display purposes.


The set is somewhat misnamed. I have lots of DVDs and DVR recorded programming on National Parks. The cover of the Blu-ray set might lead you to believe that’s what is inside. Trickery, trickery, trickery. What is inside is a program on America’s National Monuments. Not the National Parks.

The first one designated was Devil’s Tower. As famous as it is for its spectacular beauty, it is as well known as the site where the aliens decided to land in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (1977). It is also the first spot visited on disk one.

Each National Monument is featured using three sections. The 1st is a Virtual Tour, 2nd up the History and Culture of the Monument and finally a section on Science and Nature. Except for the last Monument at the end of disk two. There is a reason behind this but you will have to check out the disks to find out what it is.

The disks are also set up by regions, which include the Northern Plains, The Historic South and The Pacific Northwest. The PN section includes many locations in both Oregon and California. Only the very last place visited is not a scenic spot. Its actual status was changed from National Monument to Historic Site. Another reason to check it out and find out why.

I have had the good fortune to visit many of the Monuments documented in the series. Others are on my “must visit” list. Many I had never heard of. The visit in the program may be sufficient to satisfy my wanderlust.

Back to the beginning. This two Blu-ray disk set is available at most retail stores like Target and Wal-Mart. The price for the set is $5. As in five dollars. Any takers?

Rated 3.5 out of 4.0 ways to show off your big screen set to your friends.


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