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Airbnb Customers Fuming Over COVID-19 Refund Policy

Airbnb’s refund policy for COVID-19-caused cancellations is leaving scores of guests angry, out hard-earned vacation savings and vowing never to use the short-term rental service again.

Meanwhile, Airbnb is lobbying the federal government for loans and tax breaks for its hosts, and gotten $1 billion from California venture capital firms, some of which will go to grants for the company’s “superhosts.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic began unfolding in Europe and the U.S. in March, public health officials advised people against traveling. This began a wave of Airbnb cancellations, and on March 11 the company issued its Extenuating Circumstances policy.


Normally, Airbnb only offers full refunds for only 48 hours after booking a rental. After that, refunds are up to hosts.

The new policy allowed cancellations at any time for reservations made on or before March 14, 2020, with check-in dates between March 14, 2020 and May 31, 2020 — originally the end date was April 15 — if customers can “attest to the facts of and/or provide supporting documentation for your extenuating circumstance.”

The March 14 cut-off is based on the World Health Organization’s March 11 declaration that COVID-19 was a global pandemic. “Our extenuating circumstances policy is intended to protect guests and hosts from unforeseen circumstances that arise after booking,” Airbnb says on its website.

“After the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic … its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected.”

Those who cancel, Airbnb says, will “have a variety of cancellation and refund options.” But customers are finding that refunds can be partial, may be in the form of travel credits, may depend on hosts and could be denied entirely.

The Weekly learned of the problems when its editor, Angie Tolliver, was refused a refund for a March rental even though the reservation was made before March 14 and within the policy’s timeframe.

“Airbnb is saying that because we cancelled our travel prior to them releasing their pro-rated cancellation date policy, and even though our dates are within the cancellation policy period, they won’t refund,” said Tolliver.

Tolliver describes a runaround with customer service, unreturned phone calls and emails that began three weeks ago and has yet to be resolved. Currently, Airbnb is refusing a refund, saying it’s up to the host — who has yet to return Tolliver’s or Airbnb’s calls.

Her experience isn’t unique. Hundreds of such complaints have been posted on Twitter and other social media.


Even Those Treating COVID-19 Patients Can’t Get Refunds

For one Boston doctor, cancelling a vacation to stay on the job didn’t make the cut as an extenuating circumstance — at the same time Airbnb has been touting its free stays for medical workers.

Airbnb told him, “after reviewing the reservation and details provided, we’re able to confirm that your reservation does not fall within our COVID-19 extenuating circumstances.”

“I am a physician seeing patients with COVID-19,” he Tweeted on March 25, “literally putting my life on the line and I have to pay for a vacation I can no longer take?”

The doctor ultimately received a refund after his hospital wrote a letter to Airbnb.

Heather Kelly in Florida was also refused a refund, Tweeting, “We have a check-in on April 16th [and] been trying to contact Airbnb for days. We have an RN and a 52-year old with emphysema and COPD.”

Registered Nurse Darryl Kelly of Buffalo, New York made reservations on March 9 for a trip in mid-April — all well within Airbnb’s current refund policy. When the federal government issued a non-essential international travel ban, Kelly canceled but didn’t request a refund because the refund program didn’t include his dates.

When Airbnb extended the dates covered by its COVID-19 refund policy, Kelly applied for a refund.

“I gave them a call asking for full refund of the first payment for condo,” he said in an email. “Airbnb told me that was up to the host to give it to me. I requested a refund from the host through the Airbnb website, which the host declined.

“So then I called Airbnb back and they asked me to cancel under the new updated policy on their website,” he continued. “I initiated the cancel request … then noticed that Airbnb was offering a refund in travel credit or in cash only if I provided documentation proving why I can’t travel over the border.”

Kelly didn’t accept the travel credit because “I don’t intend to travel anytime soon,” he wrote. “They then told me to wait until they review my case which will take 24 hours.”

Within 24 hours, the host charged Kelly’s credit card for the second half of the payment — “$547 for a service I’m literally not able to receive,” he wrote

“I’m working four days a week as an ER nurse seeing firsthand what this virus is doing to people and I have to jump through hoops to get a refund for something that’s outside of my control,” Kelly wrote.

“The audacity of Airbnb to ask for documentation proving why I can’t travel is absurd,” he said. “Everybody on planet earth knows why we can’t travel.”

Airbnb’s two iterations of COVID-19 cancellation policies, and what appears to be confusion among hosts about who’s paying for the refunds, have certainly added to the mess.

Airbnb told the Weekly via email, “As our Help Center page outlines, ‘Cancellations will be handled according to the extenuating circumstances coverage in effect at the time of submission;” saying further, “Our global Customer Support team has been working around the clock to help both hosts and guests throughout a situation that has been challenging for the entire industry.”

The company didn’t answer questions about actions it’s taking, its refund process and the number of customers who have received refunds. We’ve invited Airbnb to share with us any information that would help customers resolve these disputes. As of press time we have not received a response.


Recourse For Unhappy Airbnb Customers

Airbnb’s contract prohibits class action lawsuits, requiring customers to take their complaints to individual binding arbitration actions. But that doesn’t mean customers can’t take action.

Reportedly, some customers have filed small claims lawsuits.

Consumer assistance services like offers help navigating arbitration actions with Airbnb.

“We’ve seen a big increase in web traffic around Airbnb,” said Max Kornblith Head of Growth at Fairshake in an email.

“We know that both hosts and guests are out there trying to figure out what’s going on and evaluate their options. We think that many guests are giving Airbnb a shot to make things right, but I personally wouldn’t be surprised if those hopes start turning into legal actions if guests and hosts don’t see the company as stepping up here.

Pacific Gardens

  1. AirBNB Host in South Bay 8 months ago

    What guests need to understand about AirBNB is that AirBNB hosts are NOT part of a major hotel chain like Sheraton, Hilton, Ramada Inn or Hyatt Hotels. We are small business owners. Our margins are microscopic. We cannot make up the difference from a cancellation with the small volume of business that we do like a hotel does. We generally only have one or two rooms available to house guests. If a guest books a room two weeks ahead and then cancels two days before arrival, we have no way to recover that time period to advertise the room. If we allow the cancellation, we probably will not be able to rent the space on short notice — and if we are it is because we had to dramatically lower the price to get the booking which means we made nothing on the booking. This is not how to operate a business. We hosts publish our cancellation policies — the guests accept the cancellation policy upon booking.

    AirBNB’s COVID-19 extenuating circumstances policies allowed guests to cancel reservations when the pandemic was unforeseen — by ALL OF US. Guests were allowed to cancel and hosts lost money ( including me ). AirBNB made their March 14 cut-off date for their COVID-19 extenuating circumstances policy clear to any guest who booked after that date — that the normal host cancellation policy would, going forward, APPLY. The guests who are complaining now are trying to avoid the normal contractual terms that they were made aware of when they took the booking and are trying to use the pandemic to excuse themselves from the contractual terms they agreed to.

    • Christina 8 months ago

      Contractually, yes makes perfect sense. However, knowing that this business of renting out rooms has slim margins was a risk you were willing to take. Not many people could’ve predicted such a devastating pandemic, but since this is the business you chose, this is the risk that has been triggered. It is not fair for a guest to have to pay for a trip they can’t go on because a Global pandemic is occurring and that would literally risk lives. It sucks that you’re losing out money as a host, but yo, if you’re willing to ride on the busy season with higher booking prices, unfortunately now is the time to ride on the most devastating of waves. Stay safe.

      • danny 7 months ago

        Yee-ha girl! I just got shafted, so I will never do Airbnb again (that is until after I use my very generous “travel credit”).

        • daniette 7 months ago

          and realize that once you use your ‘coupon” with its expiration date, if you cancel again, no matter the policy, you’re coupon is GONE. No money back. No recourse.

          Additionally, you can only use one of your “coupons” per reservation.

          Right now, I am waiting for another team to contact me because most of my travel “credit” is not visible in my account (a ‘known problem) but worse, does not appear when I go to pay for a new booking.

          I have been an Airbnb user for 10 years, but this has crippled our relationship and I will look to go outside of the platform(book directly with folks with whom I have established a relationship) or book at completely refundable places only.

          • Shelli 7 months ago

            Hey Daniette! I am experiencing the same issue. We qualified per air bnb Covid-19 terms for either a full refund in the form of a “travel credit” or 50% cash back refund. Since then they have changed it to a full cash refund. We chose the full refund in a “travel credit”. We live out of state and had to return to Arizona to the Mayo Clinic as my husband had a total laryngectomy secondary to vocal cord cancer during the pandemic. We booked an air bnb for two nights for an appointment at the Mayo Clinic, as we would rather be home. Now today we were attempting to get another air bnb as we have to return for yet another appointment. Our “travel credit” does not appear and is not applied at check out. I called and waited on line for almost 30 minutes only to be told that “It was a coupon and the coupon can only be used once and that we used it on our last booking.” I was on the phone with them for 1 hour and 25 mins to be told the supervisors have gone home and that they would call me tomorrow. Our travel credit was $1864.45 and our last air bnb was $340.52. It did not state anywhere about it being a coupon in the terms and conditions of the “coupon”. The email we received stated it was a travel credit and per air bnb’s website those seem to be two different things. When checking out for our last trip it subtracted the money right away and was not in the form of a “coupon” as there is a choice to enter in a “coupon code”, this is not a coupon but a travel refund. For God Sakes it was during a PANDEMIC and we cancelled April 20 and had no problem from the Host as they were supposed to be compensated from air bnb, which at this point I seriously doubt they have been compensated. So sad, if we don’t get the rest of our money back we will never use air bnb again and will continue to fight for our money as they are exploiting during a global pandemic.

      • david 6 months ago

        No, under a disease epidemic like this that is unforeseen, you as a host did not lose any money. In fact, no Host lost any money because no one would have booked or will book your place under these circumstances. Under any other circumstances (like personal health issues or family issues or some other emergencies), then I would side with the Host since a cancellation means someone else could have rented out your place. But this disease epidemic has pretty much put the travel industry on temporary hold so you’re not losing anything since no one will be renting out your place so you’re not missing anything. Refusal to refund your guest means you didn’t deserve any of that money since the guest will not have stepped a single foot in your doorway. If anything, the guest would be pissed and will most likely never do business with Airbnb and their asshole hosts ever again.

    • Patti Rider 7 months ago

      if you are renting your property it is a business and with that you have responsibility to refund.

    • mark 7 months ago

      owner; to all you happy people got your refund, two words trip insurance.we lose thousands and all of you wait a few day before then no time to rent. thank you airbnb;but you never will rent any of my house again.there is no airbnb with our supply.

      • Joe Anybody 7 months ago

        When we tried to purchase trip insurance no one would sell it in our time frame. Insurance only works if there is a profit margin. Global pandemic mean no margin.

    • Tami Kramer 7 months ago

      WE booked the trip of a lifetime since my husband retired after 50 years in government service and the military. WE planned for a year for a 4-month trip to Europe beginning on 11 May and ending 26 August with our return to the US. WE booked multiple AirBnBs across Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Great Britain. Most owners were really great and refunded us. AirBnB is holding $3000 in service fees and will not return them. How is this fair when I cancelled every reservation on 11 March when TAP Portugal cancelled my flights to Lisbon. A few greedy AirBnB owners – 1 in Eze, France – refuses to refund any of our money. This is unacceptable and shows that customers are not cared for at all – do the hosts not understand that they’ve done more harm than good.

    • Sophia 6 months ago

      So answer this. We reserved a rental on Kauai. We rented on May 4,2020. Hawaii quarantine was supposed to end June 1st. Hawaii extended the quarantine through July 31. According to a proclamation by the Mayor of the county of Kauai, in reference to the original March 22 mandate by the governor of Hawaii….regarding short term rental, transient vacation rental or home stay operations. No one that falls under the mandated self quarantine is allowed to stay in these properties UNLESS they are the owners of the property. We asked for a refund. The owner said no. This actually sounds criminal to us. We fully intended to keep our reservation and take our vacation but we aren’t allowed by the Hawaiian State government to even stay there! We can’t even rent a car there to get to the rental we are not allowed to stay at. We only found this out While trying to get a refund. This host literally rented a condo to us that she legally was not allowed to rent out. She is hiding behind the policies of Airbnb to steal money. So who Do you think is trying cheat the system?…..can’t wait for your answer. Spoiler alert, we have already contacted the mayors office of Kauai county and the Attorney generals office… investigation has begun……Someone has been busted……stay tuned,

      • Deke 2 months ago

        How did this turn out? I had same situation and just filed suit against Airbnb today. Made reservation, 3 hours later Host messages us to say they cannot honor the reservations due to existing order, ask for a refund, and they refuse. $3,500. And Airbnb fought us non-stop with AMEX. See them in court.

    • CB 5 months ago

      Oh yes ? and what about if you make and pay for a booking and realise that the place you booked stated was an entire suite and then find out that is actually just a room in someones apartment and so promptly cancel within 15minutes! Then discover that the owner is refunding you only 80 dollars??? off $300!! I would say that is a total rip off

    • sean 4 months ago

      I got shafted for $1100. Wedding was canceled so I canceled Airbnb 2 weeks prior to them extending there cancellation dates. Because i canceled before the updated policy i’m out of the money. Airbnb contacted the host and asked for a refund, however the host said no. what the F’!

    • Robert 4 months ago

      If the margins are microscopic you need to go in another line of business! Charging for services not rendered through not fault of their own or b/c they don’t want their whole family to die b/c of the virus is beyond appalling!!!! Refund the money and apply for a small business emergency loan until the pandemic is over.

    • David Caton 2 weeks ago

      Totally understand this explanation. But in my case my host was a skyscraper building management company in Hong Kong. I cancelled 17 days in advance and based on the current market situation, rooms are empty. And the end result was I was refunded zero based on this extenuating circumstances policy. I lost $2,000. I’ll never use Airbnb again, and will make sure everyone in my company and everyone I know hears my story.

  2. Jenny 7 months ago

    Now that Comicon and the Anime convention were cancelled which are in July and outside the May 31st window will people qualify for refund since that was the only reason behind their travel?

    • Patricio 7 months ago

      Don’t count on it. Airbnb screwed me out of my refund as I was headed to London for The Open in July which was cancelled due to COVID-19. They basically said since their extenuating circumstance policy does not cover that date that is the end of the story. I have gone back and forth with them on this and have taken this dispute now to my credit card company to get my money back. They have no sympathy whatsoever for customers and this was an ideal time for them to show how they value their customers especially after securing $1 Billion.

    • Judith 6 months ago

      I had a two week trip in the UK and Airbnb and the two of the hosts would not refund my money for a trip I could not take. There was
      no flight because it was cancelled.

      I will NEVER use Airbnb again, only local rental companies.

  3. To: AirBnB Host SouthBay 7 months ago

    To “host” above
    Everything you say makes perfect sense for normal travel and normal cancellations. However cancellations due to the coronavirus were not going to be rebooked no matter how long or short in advance they were cancelled. Hosts were not out potential money that could have come in from another renter. People aren’t traveling The potential of your room/home being booked for the same dates by another renter were none. I don’t think that a host, during this time, should be refusing to refund especially if they were not out of pocket any money. If I am missing something, please explain.

    • Julie 7 months ago


    • Patti Rider 7 months ago

      if you are renting your property it is a business and with that you have responsibility to refund.

  4. AirBnB Host SouthBay 7 months ago

    @Christina Perhaps I need to explain one more time: Guests who made reservations after March 14th KNEW about the pandemic. They also KNEW about the cancellation policy. The guests CHOSE to book anyway. Hosts do take risks that the business will suffer losses — as all businesses do. However, to reduce risks, we have cancellation policies — like airlines that have only one seat flying at a date and time. If you don’t show up for your flight — you don’t get your money back. Guests agree to take risks when they agree to the cancellation policy. The guests should have taken out travelers insurance. And, BTW, we are hosting traveling nurses and other medical professionals who are working to fight this virus. So, you are right about one thing, we are taking lots of risks.

    @Jenny “Now that Comicon and the Anime convention were cancelled which are in July and outside the May 31st window will people qualify for refund since that was the only reason behind their travel?” So, now AirBNB hosts are supposed to take responsibility for convention cancellations? This is ridiculous.

    @To: AirBnB Host SouthBay “The potential of your room/home being booked for the same dates by another renter were none.” You are wrong. We switched to longer term bookings and we are doing fine now.

    • Maddie Profilet 6 months ago

      COMPLETELY agree. I actually had back-to-back month long stays booked plus one shorter one for the 4th. People are ready to travel, typically by car. (Maybe not those here.) Yet the losses for a two-week cancellation from March still hurt. We’re all hurt by this company. Instead of fighting, I hope we can show both sides.

    • steve 4 months ago

      In short, it’s just good business practice. It’s a pandemic, yes, no one wins, but you need to practice good business. Being reasonable isn’t harming anyone. We tried to move the reservations to another date and were denied and denied a refund. We are State workers that had any and all time off put on hold and were given extra duties as “essential workers” having to fill in other duties due to the affect of the virus. We gave plenty of notice of this and nothing. AirBnB covers themselves well. I’m just thinking some good customer service and appreciation should come in somewhere. Being avid and top rated users, I would think it would be noted. In the end, money is money, which at this time is just sad and bad business. Will we use again, sure, but it’s a bad taste now.

  5. Dana 7 months ago

    I am an Airbnb host and guest. I am losing money from canceled reservations and from canceling an upcoming vacation. I happen to agree with the full refund policy. I see the cancellation of my Airbnb as a small part of a larger heartbreak – canceled graduations, canceled weddings – and would not want to add to that stress. However, from a guest point of view, I am appalled that Airbnb is keeping its service fee. Hosts can lose income, guests can lose fees, but Airbnb can keep its piece of the pie? This makes me unwilling to book with Airbnb in the future. I know I am not alone. Airbnb’s handling of the pandemic has been very shortsighted. As a host, I am paying a price now, but Airbnb’s policies are going to insure that I will be paying a price in the future too, as fewer and fewer people trust Airbnb to be their booking site.

    • Patti Rider 7 months ago


    • Laurel 6 months ago

      Well said. I think AirBnB is profiting from this pandemic, which is shameful. On March 3rd I booked an AirBnB in England for June 19th to the 26th. On March 12th I canceled, before the WHO declared a global pandemic, and received a full refund from the host. However, Airbnb will not refund the service fee. England has been on lockdown since mid-March, which means I could not go there even if I wanted to. When I first requested a refund I received several messages saying they were working on reservations for April and to wait until after May 31st, at which time I would “most likely” receive a refund. This week I received a message saying my reservation did not fall under the extenuating circumstances policy. WHAT?! If a pandemic is not an extenuating circumstance, then what is?! I called American Express and they are disputing the charge.
      I have been using AirBnB over four years and always had positive experiences. I recommended them to friends as not only a less expensive way to travel, but as a way to meet and interact with people who live in the places visited. I made overseas friends through AirBnB. That has changed. I am so disappointed with their response during this crisis. People are dying and we have been told to stay home. We have no control over this situation and AirBnB is taking advantage and treating its customers very badly. I have to believe this will come back to bite them big time.

    • Laurel 6 months ago

      I made my reservation before March 14th (March 3rd, to be exact) and canceled on March 12th, so I did not “screw up.” I am, however, getting screwed by AirBnB by their refusal to refund the service fee. So you gave someone a bunch of pots and pans and that somehow makes you a hero? A hero would not justify a business that refuses to do the right thing.

  6. AirBnB Host SouthBay 7 months ago

    You know all this AirBNB hate is really amusing when you consider the fact that, in the Bay Area, there is utterly NO COMPARISON between the value of an AirBNB stay and a hotel stay in the Bay Area. If people want a hotel experience — with room service, daily maid service and no cancellation penalties — they should go stay at the Four Seasons. And, BTW, I am a Super Host and our guests are happy, cared for and very comfortable. ( I just gave a young Chinese student a bunch of plates, bowls, cutlery, pots and pans so she could set up her kitchen in her next accommodation — because she didn’t have anything. )

    The fact that guests want to excuse themselves from the normal rental agreement terms and blame the pandemic WHICH after March 14th THEY WERE VERY AWARE OF … is just people wanting to blame someone else for their screw up.

    Given the value proposition of AirBNB, I am certain that AirBNB’s business will be just fine going forward. And, I think AirBNB did a great job with their handling of the pandemic. Their response has actually been exemplary.

    Here are some of their programs:
    * Introducing frontline stays for COVID-19 responders
    * $250M to support hosts impacted by cancellations
    * Cleaning guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19
    * Coronavirus updates

    • Laurel 6 months ago

      I made my reservation before March 14th (March 3rd, to be exact) and canceled on March 12th, so I did not “screw up.” I am, however, getting screwed by AirBnB by their refusal to refund the service fee. So you gave someone a bunch of pots and pans and that somehow makes you a hero? A hero would not justify a business that refuses to do the right thing.

    • Lori 6 months ago

      Heh. A little late to this conversation, but I made my reservation in Spain in JANUARY – long before anyone knew of the exten tof the pandemic. My flight was just cancelled. I STILL can’t get a refund because the host will not agree. I will NEVER use AirBnB again which is a shame for those hosts who are for the most part understanding and reasonable.

  7. Zhanna Bogomaz 7 months ago

    How about for people who booked 2 months? My reservation was Feb 1- March 31st. We stayed for a few weeks working. Our project got stopped short March 13th due to COVID and state lockdown. We left the city and went home that day. I lost out on $2k in rental fees for the last 2.5 weeks. Airbnb said they can’t help me and the host pretty much said FU. So I agree with others, Airbnb is in hot water and we will NEVER use their service again. We lost all our business the same as everyone else in this pandemic. Most everyone else was willing to work with cancellations and understanding of the grave situation.

  8. Zbogo 7 months ago

    How about for people who booked 2 months? My reservation was Feb 1- March 31st. We stayed for a few weeks working. Our project got stopped short March 13th due to COVID and state lockdown. We left the city and went home that day. I lost out on $2k in rental fees for the last 2.5 weeks. Airbnb said they can’t help me and the host pretty much said FU. So I agree with others, Airbnb is in hot water and we will NEVER use their service again. We lost all our business the same as everyone else in this pandemic. Most everyone else was willing to work with cancellations and understanding of the grave situation.

    • V. 7 months ago

      I stayed 2 weeks of a long-term booking in early-mid March, then had to flee NYC just as it was locking down for the pandemic. I got charged for a month and a half stay — the COVID refund policy doesn’t apply if you already started your stay! So I’m out over $6k, though the rent for the time I actually stayed is only about $2k. This is criminal. Policies that aim to trap people in dangerous plague outbreaks need to be punished severely. Policies that rob customers during global emergencies need to be punished, if by no one else, by the marketplace. AirBnB has shown itself to be irresponsible, untrustworthy, and unfit to continue as a going concern. Shut it down.

  9. Sbaker 7 months ago

    We booked in November for summer travel, like most people who plan ahead. We are in a state of emergency, everywhere, when will AirBnB extend the May 31 cancellation to cover the summer travel season?? Complete BS!!

    • Becky 7 months ago

      Exactly. We booked our June European vacation in November. We have reservations in countries that have closed borders. We cannot go. Airbnb needs to extend the policy and actually follow through on the refunds. When Delta is doing a better job than your company, it is time to re-evaluate.

      • Jessica 7 months ago

        Exactly. The once in a lifetime trip is out. Our week in Paris (as teachers we have been saving a long time for this), is out obviously but our stay was to start 8 days after June 15th cutoff date. June 15th? That doesn’t make any sense. So our host gets several hundred dollars from us but could still rent out his place. I do feel for hosts that are losing money but I did not think being an Airbnb host was a “small business.” I feel we should at least get Airbnb credit. Even if my host allowed it, there is no way we can schedule a week in Paris now in a year or two with so much work and financial insecurity. Yes, Airbnb needs to extend policy.

      • MM1970 7 months ago

        Yep. My Hawaiian vacation in June was booked in October. Kauai is requiring 14 day quarantine if you arrive (for a 7 day trip??) And do you REALLY want someone who is flying out from LAX? I don’t think so. I’m waiting to see if AirBNB extends their date past May 31.

  10. Diva 7 months ago

    Here’s the deal … I was willing to offer a full refund to anyone who cancelled March, April, and May reservations in March and April. But for travelers that were waiting to see if the event they were attending was cancelled before they requested refunds after knowing for months now about CoVid…. this tells me they would have traveled for a concert or a wedding should it have gone on. Meaning they would have taken the risk to attend should it have not been cancelled. For all those who waited and did not want to get ahead with f this and were not concerned about risk in the summer but now want out just because the event was cancelled… no I am sorry. That’s not how it works.
    You don’t get to just cancel and be refunded in full because your concert isn’t going on.
    This is business. And guests should check the cancellation policies for their accommodations before booking. If you want that kind of flexibility you can book a place that has a flexible cancellation policy. Those reservations can be cancelled even close to check in. That is what differentiates those who rely on this business for main income and those who do it just on the side and it is not paramount to their ability to pay bills ect.
    You had an opportunity for over a month to think ahead and make the adjustments for your own pocketbook ahead of time and we hosts have the right to do the same now.

    • V. 7 months ago

      Other hosts are not willing to refund reservations cancelled in March. The “policy” is that hosts can do whatever they want, which is not a responsible way for AirBnB to run its business. Anyone who books a stay through AirBnB going forward is a complete fool.

    • Virginia 5 months ago

      Where can we sign up for a class action lawsuit? I’ve run into the situation where a guest booked in June for a July visit, then told me they were going to cancel because they had planned to go out to bars and party, but everything was closed. I told them that everything was actually open in the beach town, and would not refund them the money for their stay. After they heard things were still open (which they could have found out on the Internet) they started giving me weaker and weaker excuses. They then went to Airbnb and told the company that someone in their traveling party had COVID. Airbnb tells me the documentation was produced for a COVID diagnosis. But what I strongly suspect – given that the guest did not tell me through all of her dozens of messages asking for a full refund and giving me all different reasons – is that yes, an actual doctor’s note with a COVID diagnosis was produced, but there is no way that Airbnb can prove that that person actually was going to be a guest at my place. I am 100% certain they had someone else they knew give them a copy of that diagnosis.Then they maybe added the guest to the reservation at that time — probably at Airbnb’s suggestion. When I ask Airbnb when that person who was diagnosed with COVID was added to the reservation (was it at the time of booking – because I certainly didn’t see it ever) or was it at the time that the guest was trying desperately to cancel — after booking a stay four months into the pandemic?

  11. Steve 7 months ago

    Right……so what about for accommodation booked well in advance, but people (like myself) are now unable to take due to non essential travel being banned by my Government? I’ve been trying to get a refund (or even an answer) from my host for three weeks now with no luck.

    That would have given the host 8 weeks to potentially re-rent his property – although no one can travel right?

    So, if my dates fall into the range, I have made a request 8 weeks notice of my intent to cancel, and I am not allowed to leave my country, then wh can I not get a refund on my deposited amount?

  12. V. 7 months ago

    What I want to see is a real class action lawsuit. I think that with conduct as egregious as what AirBnB has been doing, plaintiffs should be able to get around the arbitration provisions. My sincere hope is that AirBnB can be bankrupted: a company this irresponsible should not continue to exist.

  13. Siena 7 months ago

    AirBnb’s platform has always been to take the cash at the point the res is made and then disappear. They accept no responsibility or risk, have a nonexistant “customer service” dept, for years never even published their telephone number on the website and have left many people in the lurch. I would know this because i am a travel agent and have gotten dozens of calls in the middle of night when my clients AirBnbs have gone bad and they need me to come to their rescue and book them at hotel. When are all of you people going to get it?? This is a non-orthodox, severely flawed business they run – and none of you are protected by Airbnb for or from ANYTHING!!! Not hosts or guests. Face it now – and don’t patronize them

    • Judith 6 months ago

      Agree! I would join it.!

  14. Suki 7 months ago

    AirBnb’s platform has always been to take the cash at the point the res is made and then disappear. They accept no responsibility or risk, have a nonexistant “customer service” dept, for years never even published their telephone number on the website and have left many people in the lurch. I would know this because i am a travel agent and have gotten dozens of calls in the middle of night when my clients AirBnbs have gone bad and they need me to come to their rescue and book them at hotel. When are all of you people going to get it?? This is a non-orthodox, severely flawed business they run – and none of you are protected by Airbnb for or from ANYTHING!!! Not hosts or guests. Face it now – and don’t patronize them

    • Michael AME 7 months ago


  15. Michael Likenmany 7 months ago

    Like so many other we are under a mandatory shelter at home order here in California. Fortunately for us, the host was awesome and refunded all but the AirBNB service charge…about $400. I am being asked to dig for a government document that says no travel unless it’s essential. I provided them with the Governor’s orders which are “in effect until further notification”. Still…they are stone walling me. The Lake Tahoe area is Closed to all non residents and both hosts and guests are being fined $1000 a day for breaking this order…but even that was not enough for them. Never, and I mean f***ing never will I use AirBNB and if there is any sort of class action or any other punitive suit filed, I AM ALL IN. Shame on you AirBNB!! Shame and reproach on your company and your name. Karma is a b****…remember that as we will remember how you STOLE money from people during a world wide pandemic.

  16. michael cooper 7 months ago

    Have to cancel due to COVID19, host agrees to full refund but Airbnb site only allows a 50% refund when I try to cancel. Airbnb site says “Does this look right” when you go to cancel but there is no place to say NO only “Yes, cancel?” The host is asking me Is there a “request a different amount” option?
    Airbnb should help people better to get a refund due to COVID-19

    • Lisa 7 months ago

      I am a host and, depending on the guests and the circumstances, I have been able to give full refunds even when it contradicted my own cancellation policy. It just takes a few extra steps.

      So, you are stating that based on your particular host’s cancellation policy, you would on be able to get back 50%, even though you state that the host wants to give you more money back/a full refund? This is totally possible, after the fact, and can be done through the “resolution center.” You would simply request the remaining money and the host would accept it. Or, the reverse- The host offers you the money and you accept. The other alternative is to do a date alteration. Again, either you or the host propose the date change, altering the stay so that it’s few dates.
      In general, the host can’t return any fees because Airbnb keeps those, so that is not within the host’s control, even if they wanted to. The unfortunate news I have for you is that 1) either this host is super new and wasn’t aware of these options (not likely), or more likely, 2) They are aware and are fibbing when they say the site “won’t let them”. I would bring up the option of date alteration and resolution center and see what the host says. Again, you are at the mercy of their decision in this case, unfortunately. In the past, I was usually sympathetic and would give near full refunds, depending on the people and how they approached the matter and the reasons, because, usually, I could get the place filled last minute as it was a high demand market. These days, though, it is nearly impossible to get the place filled, so, as a host, I am sympathetic that it’s only fair that they get to keep part of the payment, considering it’s also not their fault the pandemic hit.

  17. Sheri 7 months ago

    There’s a lot of host bagging in the comments, but honestly this isn’t just a business for some of us. It’s literally the only way we afford to pay bills and mortgage. We feel bad, and trust me, most of us WANT to refund you. But if we refund you, we have to refund everyone, and we can’t afford that. The “25%” payout from Airbnb is a joke. There’s nowhere that states when the 25% will be given to us, and most of us have received more like 1% of our cancellations. We can’t afford to issue even more refunds than the COVID-19 policy is asking us to for these two and a half months. We’re struggling to get by. Airbnb needs to figure out a way to help both guests and hosts!

  18. Ignaz 7 months ago

    Super host can cancel on guest and not jeopardize super host status. Guest cancels and loses 50%. Hosts worry about losing money if they refund?! Isn’t the guest losing money too? People are out of work, millions apply for unemployment, etc etc. But Airbnb and hosts are making very little accommodations. Airline gave me a full refund despite being beyond cancellation date because we’re NOT SUPPOSED TO TRAVEL. IRS isn’t even collecting tax. For the host who thinks it’s because I’m waiting to see if my event is canceled. FU. If you cancel too early Airbnb screws you because restrictions only go until May 31. June travel is all of a sudden back from To normal? So a guest has to go to Orlando when Disney and Universal at closed? This is short sighted by Airbnb and host. I can rent somewhere else. Let’s see who rents from Airbnb and hosts when this is done and a guest is out $1000s. You don’t forget being screwed out of that much. Guests are savvier than Airbnb and hosts think.

  19. michael cooper 7 months ago

    Cancelled a wedding due to COVID19. Host wants to give a full refund – Airbnb only wants us to get 50% —–Airbnb says “reservations is not yet included to our Covid-19 extenuating circumstance policy “? ? ? ?
    Airbnb needs to read these
    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Outbreak update

    COVID-19 is a serious health threat, and the situation is evolving daily. The risk will vary between and within communities, but given the increasing number of cases in Canada, the risk to Canadians is considered high.
    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19):
    Prevention and risks –
    avoid all non-essential trips in your community
    do not gather in groups
    avoiding common greetings, such as handshakes
    limiting contact with people at higher risk like older adults

    On April 10, 2020, the Government of Quebec made the request to cancel all festivals and activities with gatherings, until August 31, 2020.

  20. heath 7 months ago

    Im a travel nurse here in the Bay area to help with COVID. My contract was cancelled early because San Fran was not hit as hard as expected and many travelers were let go. I booked my June and July Airbnb in early March. Because my reservation falls one day after the extenuating circumstances policy I do not qualify for a refund. I will have to pay $3000 for an apt I can not use. The host and Airbnb have refused to help, despite me offering documentation. I can’t believe front line workers are being treated like this by greedy companies and hosts.

    • Lisa 7 months ago

      I would try to sub-rent it to a third party. There are folks, especially medical personnel, that are getting places away from their families in order to be in quarantine. While it’s risky, it would be one way to recoup costs. You could arrange a deposit too, in case this person breaks anything, since, ultimately you would be responsible. I would try to find someone in the medical field, even discount it further, so that you don’t lose everything. You can always add a second person to the reservation, so it’s all official on the books (just make sure the host doesn’t try to add on an additional nightly fee for extra person) and you just wouldn’t be there anymore. I imagine in a place like San Fran, there will still be housing needs and a third party could be found. Good luck!

  21. Yvonne 7 months ago

    Most every state has closed down non-essential business. Rental of homes for non-emergency workers is certainly non-essential. So Airbnb allowing the rental to occur while there are State of Emergency Orders declaring this is ILLEGAL and is not the fault of the one who intended to rent. Every health organization says that this will be going all through summer/year and recommends eliminating travel if possible. So if people are doing what is required of them from the State and Health Organizations, then the people should not be punished. Airbnb has taken bail out money already and the hosts/superhosts can receive grants to bail out their small business. Small business will also receive federal tax credits just like before the virus when they had a bad year. WE the travelers, who like myself – booked months in advance, long before the pandemic was known – is screwed because our travel date is past May 31 – in fact is the middle of June. And another point to look at legally, our rental was for 12 people – which also violates the State of Emergency Order of no congregation of more than 10 people – or people outside of the household. So another allowance by Airbnb is ILLEGAL. I am certain that there will be a lawsuit on this regardless of the “terms and conditions” of rental agreements. I will be keeping all of my documentation, getting a hold of a civil lawyer in the state and filing a small claims case against the host/Airbnb. Even with the “terms and conditions”, host/superhosts are not free and clear of civil suits. This was my first and will be my last experience with Airbnb – like I am sure many others.

  22. Michael 7 months ago

    Airbnb is a fraud; simple. What company charges 50% admin-fees on cancellations triggered by a pandemic, requires clients to prove Govts order on no-travels, cities lock-down, etc. Airbnb should be shut down; empty.

  23. EMG 7 months ago

    We were supposed to attend a family event in Brooklyn, NY that was canceled this week and beyond my control. I understand there are terms and agreements, but if you expect me to travel from one COVID-19 hot spot to another, you’ve got to me kidding!

    Because of the Host’s strict cancellation policy, I am not entitled to a refund. I have asked Airbnb and they said there is nothing they can do about it (we got your money, suck it up). If I waited longer to cancel, the hosts would have taken the full amount. Fortunately, I only paid partial up front, but I am out almost $1,000. Very disappointed and frustrated with Airbnb.

  24. Vanessa 7 months ago

    I didn’t realize AirBnB & host’s alike were so deceptive. My SuperHost urged me to change my booking while I was still eligible for full refund. Shelter in order place was extended & I contacted Host on 4/25 to discuss my reservation. He stated the place didn’t have any openings in June or July but we should wait a couple weeks to see if anyone cancels. It’s the day before my reservation 5/2 & he suggested booking for August but the rate difference is 2k, I can’t afford that. The host has been deceptive & now states he’ll only refund if someone else books the time of my reservation which starts tomorrow!! Please help.

  25. Pissed Off RN 7 months ago

    I’ve been BOTH a host (2013-2017) and a Loyal AirBnB customer since 2011.

    After Covid-19 I will NEVER AGAIN BE Either.

    Airbnb tried telling me my host declined my full refund. I have a screen shot of a conversation with her on their website saying otherwise. Strike 1 LIARS.

    I am an RN traveling with elderly parents on Palliative care. I submitted evidence of both my license and my parents medical conditions. DENIED refund despite falling under the ‘extenuating circumstances policy.’

    I copy / pasted FLORIDAs Executive Order stating the vacation rental were ILLEGAL and punishable as a 2nd degree misdemeanor. DENIED refund.

    WTF? Do I need proof of being on a ventilator? This company just got 1 Billion dollars. I think they can manage to NOT double dip for a while. Though at this point I hope they burn- both b/c I am out $700- and because they are exposing people to COVID-19 as knowingly as the government and don’t give a s#it who they harm.
    Business’ have 2 responses to this: RIGHT and WRONG. Airbnb is WRONG.

    Anytime you other customers are ready for a CLASS ACTION lawsuit say the word I’m in. This is disgusting.

  26. MB 7 months ago

    I find it ironic that AirBnB hosts are complaining that they can’t afford to refund guests with bookings made in 2019 for future stays in 2020. If you rely on a business returning profit that you need to service mortgages, living expenses, building projects etc and it goes wrong then you have to take the consequences even if it means you lose income. That’s business. I have lost $1000.00 in a ‘non-refundable’ booking, a loss I can ill afford now, but I have no redress apparently. From what I have read millions of dollars have been put into propping up AirBnB by both government and Brian Cheski. Refunds are incredibly difficult, and are fraught with unreasonable demands for documentation. How is this fair? The whole system is full of fish hooks for hosts and guests alike. I’m sure AirBnB will survive this Pandemic but I for one will never use their services again.

  27. Brenda 7 months ago

    We are currently having the same issue trying to get a refund for the Memorial weekend. My daughter is a RN & we booked a cabin for 16 people who are over 60 yrs old. She has been exposed to patients with covid so we wanted to cancel the reservation. The host agreed to full cash refund but Airbnb will not give it. Never again!!

    • Lisa 7 months ago

      I am a host and, depending on the guests and the circumstances, I have been able to give full refunds even when it contradicted my own cancellation policy. It has nothing to do with whether Airbnb ‘permits’ it or not, when you do it using one of two ways I’ll describe below. It just takes a few extra steps.

      Money back, in any amount, can be done through the “resolution center.” You would simply request the amount for refund and the host would need to accept it. Or, the reverse- The host offers you the money and you accept. The other alternative is to do a date alteration. Again, either you or the host propose the date change, altering the stay so that it’s fewer dates and you can change the amount being charged too. For example, you could agree to reduce the visit down to be only one night in length and at a price of $15, essentially returning you your money. Again, the host has to hit the “approve the change” button.
      In general, the host can’t return any fees because Airbnb keeps those, so that is not within the host’s control, even if they wanted to. The unfortunate news I have for you is that 1) either this host is super new and wasn’t aware of these options (not likely), or more likely, 2) They are aware and are fibbing when they say the site “won’t let them”. I would bring up the option of date alteration and resolution center and see what the host says. Again, you are at the mercy of their decision in this case, unfortunately. In the past, I was usually sympathetic and would give near full refunds, depending on the people and how they approached the matter and the reasons, because, usually, I could get the place filled last minute as it was a high demand market. These days, though, it is nearly impossible to get the place filled, so, as a host, I am sympathetic that it’s only fair that they get to keep part of the payment, considering it’s also not their fault the pandemic hit.

  28. Brian Wadsworth 7 months ago

    I reserved in Nov. for a trip in June with the lock down over half the people in our group have been out of work and with a full open in CA. not tell what is looking like July I was thinking I should receive a full refund instead i was offered a whole 125$ out of a 900$ deposit

  29. Jason 7 months ago

    Shoulda stayed on Couchsurfing.

    Seriously. I’ve disliked Airbnb ever since they (or their hosts) started spamming Couchsurfing. Someone posts a Couchsurfing request, and the first comment is “If you can’t find a host here, come over to Airbnb!” And then there was the time I sent a Couchsurfing request, only to have the host message me back saying that he only does Airbnb now — and then an email from the Couchsurfing website saying that he was no longer a Couchsurfing member — meaning he finally got around to deleting his profile because I requested him.

  30. Nicole Schaffer 7 months ago

    Airbnb is allowing hosts to break break laws by not allowing 100% refunds. Customers are only refunded half of the money if they cancel and while the host and Airbnb still get paid. The only person losing is the customer. I have no sympathy for airbnb hosts losing thier homes due to the pandemic. I hope they do lose their home because they don’t care about the money people are losing having to cancel their reservations. Airbnb needs to be put out of business along with the greedy hosts..

  31. Rick 7 months ago

    I was supposed to be in Louisville Kentucky for 10 days for the Kentucky Derby and one of my son’s college graduation right now. I had rented a house which ran $850 a night for 10 days. Put $4,200 down under strict policy. When pandemic announced, Derby and graduation postponed, and lock in announced, I immediately cancelled with host on March 16 to give her as much notice as possible. I have been refunded all of $420.00. Was informed by Airbnb that I did not fall into coverage since I cancelled before their announcement on March 31. So if I had waited until April or even the week before to cancel, I would be eligible for full refund. How does that make any sense? Why would the full refund policy not apply to everyone that had reservations during this period.? And of course the host, refused to refund my money. Will never again use Airbnb!

  32. Natasha 7 months ago

    I have also had the same issues. Son was going to Canada from Indiana and in addition to the virus being declared a pandemic, the border to Canada was closed. My son canceled his reservation on March 13th. They say he should’ve done it via their extenuating circumstances clause. The problem is, while we were on their site checking it, a box came on the top of the screen saying his trip qualifies and then went through some questions and completed, what we believed to be an actual refund. It was never given and now I have spoken to 11 reps, 3 supervisors and sent e-mails with no response. If someone knows how to solve this, please help!

  33. Matt 7 months ago

    I am a 2020 grad. I was planning on hosting my family and friends. My Governor ordered all universities closed until June 15. I cancelled the reservation Since graduation was cancelled. Of the $1388 prepayment, Airbnb kept $600 of my graduation funds. I went through every process to get my money back and messaged the host. They all said no! How is this fair or ethical? They did not earn a cent of that money. Shame on you Airbnb. I filed a complaint with BBB, FTC, and Consumer Protection.

    • A Rogers 7 months ago

      That’s similar to my situation. Booked for my Niece’s graduation from USC. Me and the family plan on driving Up from San Diego. The graduation was canceled then the stay home ordered came shortly after. Since I booked in March for May which I had to book early, because everyday we searched for places out In LA County option grew less and less. 1200 bucks down and the host took half of it. For a service I didn’t even use. Never stepped one foot on the property. 600 bucks gone

  34. SuperHost 7 months ago

    I have been hosting for over 10 years. I have a 4.9 out of 5.0 star rating. I earn that rating. I have one seasonal waterfront rental condo, short term stays in July and August and mainly weekends in June and September. My place is expensive. I have a strict (by AirBnb’s standards) cancellation policy.

    I commit to make my unit available to guests as advertised – as a 4.9 rated property. Guests commit to show up and pay me. The booking intermediary gets a service fee to match us together. If guests books a July stay in February, the guest makes my property unavailable to others for at least four months. How far in advance should a guest let me know they are not coming?

    I have suspended my listing on AirBnb and other sites. I have offered all my guests on all rental platforms full refunds of my portion of the rental – for now. Some have cancelled, some are hanging in there – for now. I cannot control what service fee the booking intermediary refunds. I cannot control if a guest gambles for a full refund including service fees based on a more liberal cancellation policy later versus a partial refund now.

    Guests can buy travel insurance, I cannot. I am in the hospitality business. I am not in the travel insurance business. That cost is not built into my price. AirBnb’s extenuating circumstances cancellation policy is unfair to hosts. AirBnb should offer that extenuating circumstances cancellation policy to guests at an optional fee.

    I have had one legitimate guest cancellation in 10 years.We worked together to minimize the guest’s loss to be far less than the strict cancellation penalty.

    Guests should know what they are agreeing to and decide if the price is right when booking the reservation. These are vacation rentals, not hotels.

  35. A Rogers 7 months ago

    Air bnb are completely ripping people off. I won’t be surprised if there isn’t a class action lawsuit against them later down the line. Me and my wife had to canceled in March for a stay in May, but they said it was too early to cancel, so they took half of our 1200 dollar deposit. Of course the shady host declined to refund the rest and now we get the run around. 600 dollars gone and we didn’t even step foot on their property. We booked for a graduation at USC that was canceled in March and we’re not even from LA county, not to mention I have a health condition that with covid19 I was told not to travel. It was the quickest 600 dollars gone ever. My thing is had we canceled early or late the stay home order would of still been in affect, and like I said the graduation was canceled, so we had no reason to travel to LA county.

    • Lisa 7 months ago

      It sounds like you booked a place with a ‘strict’ cancellation policy in place. This is unfortunate and there are so many details that it’s easy to miss things like this when searching. I’ve been an Airbnb host and traveler for over 7 years, and I am still confused by the details. That being said, I rarely book on a place with a strict policy unless it’s super last minute where the chances of my trip being cancelled are rather low. If you do decide to book with airbnb again in the future, I would stick to ‘flexible’ or ‘moderate’ cancellation policy places, in order to avoid this sort of thing from happening again. While it is frustrating, and unfortunate that the host isn’t willing to refund you more (either through the resolution center or the other method I mention above), you did agree to the strict policy when you made the booking, so, unfortunately, you’re being hit with the consequences of it now. In general, I avoid hosts with a strict policy, as it is a red flag to me that they will be reasonable later if anything is to go wrong. And this is coming from a host herself, so I understand both sides of the argument.

      • Lisa 7 months ago

        But, to add, given the circumstances you describe, the strict policy should not have been kept in place by airbnb and they definitely should have reimbursed you based on the extenuating circumstances, their OWN policy. The nit-picking about the dates being ‘too early’ is some BS, if I ever heard it

  36. Lisa 7 months ago

    To add, given the circumstances you describe, the strict policy should not have been kept in place by airbnb and they definitely should have reimbursed you based on the extenuating circumstances, their OWN policy. The nit-picking about the dates being ‘too early’ is some BS, if I ever heard it.

  37. Nina 7 months ago

    I booked my reservation in February with a check-in date of June 26th in Florida for a group of 15. Many of the group has been out of work and uncomfortable traveling so I reached out to the host to explore cancellation options. She told me that everything has to be handled through Airbnb and that she can’t change her strict cancellation policy. Based on the thread I’ve been reading, that seems to be false. She does have the ability to work with me to either offer a full refund or work with me to reschedule to a later date, correct?

    I also reached out to Airbnb directly and the agent told me to wait until June 15 to see if Airbnb will extend their cancellation window. It wasn’t the response I was looking for but now this seems like the only option I have. This is extremely stressful to think that I may be out ~$2,000 for a vacation we cannot take.

    • Sara 7 months ago

      Your booking wouldn’t be with Andrew, would it? We are having the same issue. We booked early March for June 26th I. Florida. I am a bride trying to go on a bachelorette weekend. Unfortunately,!’y party consists of two healthcare workers, an immune compromised cancer survivor, and myself who just had surgery, along with a few other women. We have explained all this to the host, and that none of us feel comfortable flying anytime soon. We even offered to show documentation. We have been trying for weeks to get him to cooperate and show some compassion. What was supposed to be the one thing I didn’t have to stress about for my wedding has now turned into a complete disaster. We even offered to take a credit to go somewhere near home where we could hang at a house and not go out. He keeps telling us he “has to follow policy.” I have used airbnb for years, up to 8 times per year, but I will NEVER use them again.

  38. Cathy 7 months ago

    I’ve got 4 Airbnb’s booked, three in Ireland, one in London. All are with superhosts, all large, all expensive. So far, we’ll get a full refund from the first one in Dublin as check-in is a day or two before the current 6/15/20 date. I keep hoping they extend the covid cancelation date to 6/30 as if not, I will be out thousands of down payment funds. Was taking my kids/grandkids for my 70th…who’d a thunk last fall the world would shut down! Luck of the Irish, eh?

  39. Monica 7 months ago

    Wow, my experience could not have went smoother. I had a week booked in the south of France coming up. I messaged the host Herve and he told me not to worry about a thing and that he would make the calls necessary, wished me and my family well and within 40 minutes I received a message that I would be receiving a full refund within 5-10 working days. I can say That I’ve had pretty good experiences with Airbnb in the past and would definitely recommend it without hesitation. Sorry everyone can’t say the same.

    • Stevie Aiono 7 months ago

      let me guess.. you work for AirBnB? Why/ how would you have come upon this article? That makes no sense if you were given a full refund and everything went smoothly.

  40. Leondra Clay 7 months ago

    My initial contact with the host was early April 2020. I was immediately told to request a refund from the company when I informed the host of my circumstances due to COVID19. That was the first week of April and my trip was June 22nd. My family of 13 was ready… booked the flights, rental car, and we had already began saving to buy amusement park tickets in May. I had to cancel before May 22 in order to get what was left of the strict cancellation policy! Long story short, I am now going back and forth with support staff because they said the host is responsible for releasing the $549 I paid. I cancelled the reservation May 8th and was given back $61. I am completely in disbelief about how the company and the strict policies are, especailly during a WORLD PANDEMIC. All 2020 expectations of travel should be left up to the individual and THEIR health, income/ resources, and many other factors that people consider PRIOR to traveling! Real people take time and financial discipline when they plan a trip.

  41. Stevie Aiono 7 months ago

    I made reservations at 62 Congress St, 
    Jersey City, NJ for 4 days in June. As soI n as our Governor released our travel restrictions and my brother’s college graduation was cancelled due to Covid, I went on AirBnB and cancelled my reservation. I was fully expecting a refund. I had Dr’s notes stating we couldn’t travel (mom has a chronic lung disease and my dad has diabetes and congenital heart disease) during this pandemic. They denied my refund stating I didn’t fall under their “Extenuating Circumstance” Policy. I sent a letter to the hosts thinking they would do the right thing since AirBnB wasn’t and Kevin/David was extremely rude and disrespectful. I am now having to file a claim through PayPal and if that doesn’t work, I am taking all of them to small claims court. I can’t believe a company and their hosts, who are getting bailed out with grants, are denying my request of $416.00. They called it a “small amount of money” if that isn’t a lot of money to my hosts, they should refund it no problem. I will never use airbnb again.

  42. Patti Rider 7 months ago

    I was in Sydney Australia 3/15 and was to return home on 3/27. Due to the US and Australia governments requiring us to leave on 3/20 we requested a refund for 3/20-3/24.
    The person I traveled with was to by arbnb they would refund only $99. She also emailed the property owner with no response.
    I will join a class action against arbnb as we were required to leave. Also will make sure to document the location in Sydney warning travelers not to stay at that location.

  43. Tina M Johnson 7 months ago

    We booked a house for ten people back in January for the first week of August for a house a mile from Disneyland. Now, some people no longer have jobs, others had to use vacation days up to get money, one has health that makes it risky to go out in the Covid crowded world…Disneyland is not open and now LA is talking about being closed for another 3 months. I contacted my host a couple weeks ago and she said she understood and to contact air bnb for the refund process. Its 600. Now she is ignoring me and Air bnb is saying its up to her. How can we plan travel and other details when we have no idea if DISNEYLAND or even LA will be open?? Its ridiculous. I have disputed it with my credit card, sent screen shots of my host agreeing to the refund etc. Im sorry they are out money but is it fair for them to pay their bills with our money????

  44. Tracie Evans 7 months ago

    Airbnb is being deceitful to guests and hosts I am a super-host since I started Airbnb two and a half years ago I am a strict cancellation policy Airbnb has put me in a position now I have offered all of my covid-19 solutions a full refund however if I give them a full refund my account is being charged that refund and is not credited until the the date after the original check in the problem with this is that I give a refund to my guests because I feel it’s the right thing to do but I am charged personally for that so if I get a new reservation let’s say $1,000 they’re taking out the charge that I just gave to the previous customer under strict cancellation policy therefore I lost $23,000 in reservations I’m starting to get new reservations but I will never get a payout until the end of October when they canceled reservation dates aspire so that makes the hosts not want to give back the 50% refund. For I don’t have that kind of money sitting in my pocket to give out Airbnb has the credit card numbers post do not have the guess credit card numbers they are using that money and not issuing it back to the host until the reservation date they need to change their platform on this I know this is all very confusing but it is actually happening. It is preventing me from getting any payouts for new reservations until late fall

  45. Tracie Evans 7 months ago

    A conclusion of my earlier rant. Yes please be aware that a horse that has strict cancellation policy who wants to give you back your 50% refund it’s coming out of our own pocket Airbnb charge 50% to the guests credit card the day of booking the host does not receive any money until 24 hours after the check-in date even with covid-19 canceled reservations.

  46. Jeffrey Clarke 7 months ago

    I booked my trip in early February 2020 for travel 3/11 thru 3/16. I cancelled on 3/9/20 because of COVID-19. I am being denied my refund. Airbnb says my cancellation doesn’t fall under their cancellation policy. This is total BS. Everybody in the world is under this pandemic and just because I cancelled on 3/9 and the extenuating circumstances policy came out 3/11 I am not entitled to a refund? This is nothing short of consumer fraud. I need help with this. If anyone has any suggestions please contact me through email. Thank you.

  47. Traveler 7 months ago

    Long timer guest with high reviews on Airbnb. I booked NYC in Dec for late April. My state
    locked down mid March and is till May 15th. I let my host know in March so he could rebook. Not my problem NYC is the epicenter for pandemic.
    I fell in the pandemic rules for Airbnb and cancellation. No refund, went to CC. Abnb contested.
    CC sent me out info telling me what to do to contest it.
    On ABNB’s own website the CEO stated they are giving full refunds. Copied and sending this to CC company along with printout of States lock down orders. I used to work small claims for a law firm, so I will take them there if I need to.
    Bye bye Airbnb. I’m thrilled their IPO hadn’t gone through yet! 35+years as a successful business owner.

  48. Tyvon Humphrey 7 months ago

    Im a student that booked an air bnb today and trying to cancel it to get something bigger and when I try to cancel it gives me an error message mind you my trip is in two days. So I’m really struggling I’ve contacted the lady whom is the host and she barely speaks English thankfully I speak enough Spanish but she won’t cancel it on her end. I’ve been on hold for hours with air bnb can someone please help

  49. Jackie 7 months ago

    Booked in to an AirBnb and now host’s son wants to fly in from out-of-state and QUARANTINE in the house, where AirBnb guests are. Host was angry when I even suggested refunding the rest of my stay. She’s being passive-aggressive now and trying to push me to leave without a refund. AirBnb has made no effort to respond to me. I waited an hour on hold, gave them my number repeatedly on Facebook, and still have heard nothing. Freaking ridiculous. I will never use this scam “service” again. LAWSUITS are the way forward here.

  50. Tayla 7 months ago

    My question is if it we can’t contact Airbnb customer support, who do we go to if we have to dispute getting a refund for certain cancelled reservations that meet ALL the requirements, yet still says not applicable/not eligible??

    What about a booked reservation booked on March 17th for a month reservation starting on April 30th. I mean how is that not eligble?? You have to decline a reservation for someone because it was booked after the 14th, yet the shutdown just kept getting extended, and you couldn’t accept them anyways? I mean come on!


    When are they going to extend the requirements anyways? May 31st seems outdated to me and is not the greatest reference point for all of this. If you have to cancel basically all your reservations or guests cancel any bookings between March 14th and even into June/July, those should all be included! That is all lost revenue!! I don’t think it should matter that a guest or host cancels… Either way, they’re cancelling due to COVID! That should be enough. It’s not like hosts can host them anyways so why does it matter?

  51. VICKI jobe 7 months ago

    I was supposed to go to Nashville the first week of June for the CMA fest which is held every year. I booked my Airbnb a year ahead because I know they fill up with the festival. In March when they canceled CMA fest I contacted the host and let him know what was going on and he said it was OK to cancel but I had to go through the Airbnb corporate which I did I had paid about a $1287 payment my refund from Airbnb was $39

  52. Elizabeth B 7 months ago

    It has been an absolute nightmare! We booked a house in February for the last weekend in August and we are having to fight with our host and get lawyers involved. We won’t be traveling anytime soon. My husband got tested for Covid yesterday, we have 2 young children, and my 65 year old mother lives with us. We’ve successfully canceled all of the other services for our 10 year anniversary that was suppose to happen, but AirBnB is just unethical and clearly doesn’t care about its guests or military service members.

  53. Nehemiah Just want to 7 months ago

    Same experience. Canceled because of Covid on Mar 18. Their Covid policy went into effect Mar 30. They denied my refund. Soo frustrating. I really don’t know what to do at this point.

    Here’s the message I received from Airbnb:

    “I totally understand where you are coming from _________.We know how disappointing it can be to cancel travel plans, and we’re here to provide further clarity about the terms of the cancellation.

    We reviewed your reservation carefully and confirmed that when you canceled this reservation on March 18, 2020, it was not covered by our Extenuating Circumstances Policy, which went into effect on March 30, 2020. According to the standard agreement between hosts and guests on Airbnb, the host’s strict cancellation policy was upheld. Your host was paid according to the terms of your original agreement, and Airbnb no longer has access to your payment to refund it.

    Under our Extenuating Circumstances Policy, canceled reservations are handled according to the coverage in effect at the time of the cancellation. Reservations that are canceled before coverage is announced or extended are not reconsidered.

    You can find more details about the Extenuating Circumstances Policy and COVID-19 at:”

    • Judith 6 months ago

      Exact same quote but with different dates, what a sham this company is!

    • Craig 6 months ago

      That’s really what they said? On March 30 they issue a policy that covers cancellations for reservations for the period starting before that, starting on March 14, but then they say the policy does not cover a March 18 cancellation because the policy was not adopted yet? I’m sorry, that is beyond words stupid. Here is what they are saying: we are today adopting a policy that will cover cancellations made yesterday, but since the policy was not in force yesterday the policy does not apply to cancellations made yesterday. Hard to believe. I am caught up in the same situation and my head is about to explode just trying to understand such drivel, because it’s so ridiculous I can’t believe it’s being actually said. I’d rather pitch a tent somewhere than deal with airbnb again.

  54. Richard We had booked 6 months ago

    We had booked a reservation for August 5-7 for a Ballet performance that has been cancelled due to Corona Virus. We are being denied a refund because of the change in policy that AirBnB made recently. This is truly an organization that I will never use again. The host has been extremely gracious and she has been told if she cancels another reservation she will lose her association with AirBnB. They AirBnB sound like a lousy corporation to be associated with or to use the service. Being a retiree we live on a fixed income and throwing good money away is not something we take lightly. Truly disgusted.

  55. Laurie 6 months ago

    We booked a house for our daughters College Graduation June 12-15, 2020. It was cancelled due to Covid-19. Contacted Airbnb and was informed it was up to the host to refund us. Host refunded immediately with no questions asked. However Airbnb would not refund us their “Service Fee” because it didn’t fall under those covid policy dates. Was told to check back to see if policy is updated. At this time policy has been updated to include our travel dates. Now I’m being told because I cancelled before May 1st to qualify. This is absolutely insane they are getting away with ripping thousands of people off. Even though right in their policy it says all monies will be refunded including service fees. Will not be doing business with them again. Money hungry company in such an unprecedented time where so many other companies have been so gracious.

  56. Heidi 6 months ago

    Self-serving cancellation “policies” are nothing but corporate theft. I thought theft was a crime! We lost our “service fee” when they charged our credit card AFTER the quarantine started and they knew no one was going anywhere. If anyone knows how to make AirBnB do the right thing please pass it on! If you’re an investor in this company or companies like this, figure it out and make it right.

  57. T.Anderson 6 months ago

    We booked a condominium in Hawaii in Feb. We were supposed to go in late Aug. We canceled last week and the host gave us back a full refund, as did the airline, as did the car rental facility. Airbnb is refusing to refund the $389 booking fee. We canceled solely due to the COVID pandemic. Who in their right mind is going to sit on an 11 hour flight to Hawaii and then get there to mingle with more potential illness and possible death?! Who knows if anything will even be open or if the mandatory 14-day quarantine in Hawaii will even be lifted by then. We had to make a choice. We are not happy that we can’t go this year. Basically Airbnb is forcing us to take this vacation, with a child I might add, or simply forego the booking fee. Who does that? What kind of professional, reputable company treats their customers like that?! We plan to visit Hawaii in 2021 instead and we will NOT be booking through Airbnb, not ever again!

  58. Brenda 6 months ago

    I managed to get a refund.
    However three bookings over several weeks and lost booking fee which was substantial.
    This is hard to take as air bnb not operating at the moment. So can they do this

  59. Sally 6 months ago

    We booked in January for a stay in London in July
    I cancelled in April as it was certain due to covid we weren’t going and the policy is worded as though refund would come if/when dates included. Also the extenuating circumstances policy encourages to cancel as early as possible Both host and air bnb advised to wait for any revisions…very misleading So finally when dates include mine I apply for refund to be told I’m not eligible as policy dates at time of submission do not fit. This clause was not in the policy when I cancelled..of course I wouldn’t have if I’d seen that They updated with this wording after cancellation..and why wouldn’t they say outright I’m not covered at the time of cancellation. Conveniently previous versions of the policy are now not available online only the latest update
    Isn’t it illegal to receive money for services you do not intend to supply? The answer is yes! They’re still having hundreds of covid deaths per day in UK and we are banned from leaving our country! All other travel providers have been understanding and providing refunds
    I’m not giving up on retrieving my nearly 1K Airbnb seems to think I should gift them

  60. Damon 6 months ago

    We booked a reservation March 10, 2020 for our family reunion in SC for the 4th of July weekend, we was going to stay from July 2 -July 6, 2020 and because of COVID-19 my family came to a decision and this is the message that I sent to Airbnb and the host:
    “ Hello Kar,

    I apologize but it was just confirmed we have to cancel our Family reunion because of this coronavirus Pandemic. We already had family members and friends that past away from the virus. We all don’t want to take any chances even tho’ it is months away. So we have to cancel our stay, and you can refund us our money back. We apologize, but it is out of our control. If it wasn’t for this pandemic everything would have gone on as planned.


    And still out of the $631 down payment we made they (Airbnb and the host) because they were blaming each other, they only refunded us $66 and they kept the rest. So they STOLE our hard earned money. The whole world is going through this, and now is not the time, and really no time is the right time to just take people’s money. We are going to seek legal action. And for others that they did this to, do not let go t go, we all need to stick together. My family cancelled our reunion because they do not want to put any of our lives in danger. Bottom line, and Airbnb & their host didn’t seem to understand that, or even care.

  61. Liza 6 months ago

    Same story here! I had two trips I cancelled because I’m a nurse and got Covid so I obviously can’t travel and have to quarantine. I talked to the host who was very nice and said he didn’t a get dime! Which means Airbnb pocketed almost $1000 from me and NONE of it went to the host even. I understand it’s a business and can deal with not some it refunded but taking all of it and not even giving it to the host who I’m sure in these times need it too.

    So far all I got is an email saying they’re directing me to who can help. I’m stuck in quarantine so I got nothing but time to stay on them about a refund.

  62. Doris 6 months ago

    To Zhanna: FYI, today on the phone with Airbnb I was told that if I had proof of a stay at home order at the time of my reservation I was entitled to a cash refund. Under your circumstances you qualify. They keep changing their tune, but if staying would have violated the stay at home order of either your state or the location of the rental, you are entitled (by their rules) to a cash refund. Best of luck – expect at least 45 minutes on hold.

    To all Hosts: I am a frequent guest. I use for business and pleasure. I overlook minor issues (like cleanliness when Guests are charged a $150 cleaning fee) because I get that the hosts are sharing their homes and for the most part are not professional hoteliers! But this pandemic has completely soured my opinion of hosts and the site. I had a $2200 trip booked in January – fully paid for – for a convention held in June in LA. The convention cancelled (the city required them to do so) and on May 1 (the day they cancelled) I tried to cancel my reservation. I have sent countless emails – the hosts said it was up to Airbnb, they said it was up to the hosts. I have gotten the runaround on the phone and multiple different stories and options. The site is designed to make it very difficult to claim a refund. in the end, after 2 months of wrangling I was offered a $330 refund or a $2200 credit. Of course I took the credit, but now I am hearing that if you don’t use it in one shot you lose the balance! My hosts charged a super premium for my 5 night stay – because of the convention. They are out nothing because no one is traveling for business or recreation. Airbnb is out some administrative costs, and had they been reasonable and charged me a 3% admin fee, I would have been fine with it. But they didn’t. And they are forcing me to use their services in the future to get back my money. I don’t think I will ever use them again.My business was worth thousands of dollars a year to them and I started when they began 10 years ago. They are short sighted and I believe they are violating contracts law. Most contracts have a Force Majeure clause to protect the “vendor” against things outside their control that force them to cancel. I believe that their contract contains such a clause. It cuts both ways and I do not believe the contract is enforceable under these circumstances. They wasted about 6 hours of my time and treated me like crap. I am considering a small claims action against my hosts for their part in all this, but frankly it takes time and I don’t know if I can handle being involved in this anymore. But if anyone has any ideas about how to force them to use their Federal funding to pay back those who had to cancel, let me know. Airbnb you suck!

  63. Nicole S. 6 months ago

    We had plans to travel to Washington for our first ever family vacation. Southwest canceled our flight dues to Covid schedule changes (and promptly refunded our money.) We were unable to book flights for the same time period, so we reached out to cancel our Airbnb. The host DECLINED a refund, citing his cancellation policy. I forwarded him the email from southwest showing that the cancellation was outside of our control. He still refused to refund our money. I filed a claim with Airbnb and they said there’s nothing they can do- it’s completely at the host’s distraction and it just turns out that I got a crummy, greedy host, taking advantage of the global pandemic to make a buck. We paid $890 and were refunded $55. I’ve been both an Airbnb host and guest. After this experience, We will never use Airbnb again.

  64. Jennifer Bragg 6 months ago

    We booked a house for summer vacation to see my son play baseball prior to pandemic. I am a nurse and have work restrictions that will not allow me to travel. I reached out to the host family regarding cancellation at the beginning of May when I could see our trip wasn’t going to happen. It was still scheduled outside the date of travel included in extenuating circumstances policy at that time but they were gracious and told me they would give me a full refund but would like to know ASAP so they could try and fill the spot. I cancelled on May 11th and received a full refund. What I didn’t realize was that our $427 service fee would have to be refunded through Airbnb. They have refused to give me a refund because they didn’t extend the extenuating circumstances policy to include my travel dates until may 15th and I requested cancellation 4 days prior. It’s ridiculous. I was trying to be courteous to my host. I’ve spent weeks arguing with an online support person asking simply for a credit as I plan to travel in future and get the same generic response daily. It’s horrible customer service and I can’t believe they wouldn’t issue me a credit. I basically gave them $427 for nothing and it’s an absurd policy. I will not be booking thru them again and have plenty of other travel options.

  65. Maddie Profilet 6 months ago

    As a host, I completely understand the frustration from both sides. It all stems from Airbnb’s policies – and lack of customer support. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told “let me escalate this” only to have no response. You must keep following up. And we must come together to make this right. A class-action is sure to come. I’m happy to be a part!

    I had one reservation made on March 3rd with a check in date of March 19; the guest submitted a claim due to COVID 19. The transaction states “cancelled penalty-free for both parties”, yet I strongly disagree (for both sides). The amount of their stay was around $1600. The guest was refunded half per strict cancellation policy. Airbnb controls transactions, so without notice, my next transaction included the adjustment for the refund.

    You have to understand, yes for hosts this is could be seen as a business, but for others, it is a necessity. I rent out my home in order to pay the bills while I start my consulting firm. This isn’t an additional property; something I purely make money off of. This is “survival mode”. Do I want to find places to stay while others are in my house? No. Do I miss being in my sanctuary? Absolutely. Do I deserve Airbnb to take away earnings by constantly updating their policies? No.

    Besides fees, Airbnb makes money off of guest’s payments. You pay at the time you book. They hold on to that payment until you check-in – then it’s released to the host. Think about how much money they have on hand at one time; how much they invest; how much they profit from that holding period.

    Airbnb’s document regarding host compensation from March 2020 states: “Support payments will be made for reservations booked on or before March 14 with a check-in date between March 14 and May 31, 2020” which this reservation, like many others, fell under.

    But, there’s a catch. After speaking with someone from Airbnb, their system shows the trip was cancelled on March 21st. How does that make any sense, if the guest cancelled on the 12th and was supposed to check in on the 19th?

    I believe this is why many guests and hosts aren’t receiving refunds — plus the company’s ever-changing policies. Their business practices are appalling. More so, they are profiting now more than ever.

  66. sophie 6 months ago

    Our booking was covered by the Covid19 cancellation policy, but the Host tricked us into accepting alternative dates thus voiding the Airbnb policy. Our booking for was 20th July 2020. Our flights had been cancelled by the airline because of Covid19.

    We agreed to postpone the trip to 21st July 2021, and the Host sent us a Change Dates message, which I stupidly clicked because the date stated: 21 July. Except it was a 21 July 2020. The same year.
    Because we had accepted new dates and were no longer covered by the Covid19 cancellation policy. We have lost 3,400 EUROs. We are devastated.

  67. Gregg Jones 5 months ago

    Bottom line is Airbnb uses all that early booking money to run their business. Anyone that has a business knows that cash is king. Meaning, cash flow is essential to a thriving business. In their model they are getting money way before business. In my business and in most, I perform a business, pay for everything then collect my monies. It would be like me not paying my employees but keeping the money. Obviously they have already spent the early monies received. Shame on you Airbnb. That is criminal.

    • Maddie 4 months ago

      Exactly. I’m sure their Host Agreement covers this – but would love to bring suit. It’s shameful!

  68. Melanie 5 months ago

    I had a trip booked to Hawaii in July. The host contacted me to cancel because the governor extended their lock down and no short term rentals with the exception of hotels/motels are allowed (ie Airbnb illegal). Airbnb refuses to refund my $500+ service fee even though the booking would have been illegal. I’ve used Airbnb many times before but I will never use it again. My friend also was screwed out of $1200 as well for a trip to New York in March that had to be cancelled due to covid. I hope this company tanks.

  69. Jerri Dee 5 months ago

    Maybe you can help me?
    Our sons early June wedding was cancelled due COVID. The Air bnb host in California refuses to refund us even though the use of his 16 person facility was prohibited by government policy. His refund policy also included a full refund if cancellation was made at least 14 days prior to event date, which we did. He still refused we lost 3,500.00.

  70. Mr D 5 months ago

    I was staying at an airbnb in Denver …it was a Hostel with over 12 people in a 3 bedroom apartment. I started to get covid like symptoms and i had a room booked in Palo Alto for a month for over 3K the following day. I tried to get my host to cancel , shes playing like she doesnt know how to do it, air bnb customer chat didn’t even reply..I called them..waited over 45 minutes to speak to someone ..and now im still waiting to hear from a “safety specialist” Air bnb is now trying to say that i have to prove I have Covid with documentation..I will NOT rest until I get my 3,000 dollars back …I did not even check in to the place and I will NOT let this company steal 3000 dollars from me. Does anyone know if it’s legal for a company to ask me to send them covid results??? My email is …let’s work together and get everyone their refund !!!

  71. Terri 5 months ago

    I’m host and have allowed all my guest to cancel do to Covid 19. I lost close to 20,000 in reservations. I received a email from a gust that he cancelled his trip because he could not travel because his parents are staying with him. Under new policy updated on June 15 that we as host were not made aware of. Now the guest can cancel for any reason without documantion due to Covid. The guest is offer three choices according to the guidelines.
    1. Receive a full refund voucher due to Covid19
    2. Host cancellation policy
    3. Provided documantion on Covid 19 why you
    are unable to travel to receive a cash refund.
    My guest was only provided with 1 and 2 and had to take the voucher. Never told about option 3
    This is unacceptable!! Airbnb is not out a dime for cancellations and the host receive nothing!! Of course they are allowing anyone to cancel now!!
    Apparently another new guideline is coming out On July 1. To extend the dates to extend beyond July 28
    Below is what my guest receivedThanks,

    When I canceled I was presented with two options.

    A) Going with host cancelation policy, which would mean I would lose 50% + Service fee;

    B) Airbnb credits for 100% of the booking cost to be used for future trips.

    Option B made sense to me at that time, although I would have loved to get that money on my card back.

  72. Huong Pham 5 months ago

    I am interesting in file small claim court against Airbnb. Just like all others complained there are no reason for not refund our money. This is out of our control, our flight was cancel to Hawaii, our cruise was canel we have no other way to come to Hawaii,and we have to be quantine for 14days if we arrive there. The host and Airbnb know that but still refused to refund our money.

  73. Christopher Miller 5 months ago

    I am trying fairshake to file a claim and pursue arbitration as Greece and the EU banned US residents and BA cancelled all flights from London to Athens. My host will not refund me even though the country will not permit entrance.

  74. Paul 5 months ago

    We worked with an Airbnb “Superhost” in France for two months before travel who promised if the EU would not allow Americans into the country due to Covid 19, he would cancel and refund our payment. He did not, and Airbnb did nothing. What support do you get from Airbnb after losing thousands of dollars through their platform from a “Superhost”? A generic single paragraph referring you back to the host to settle the matter (who of course, is now uncommunicative). Airbnb is used primarily for trust and safety, but more frequently is being manipulated. This host knew exactly no matter what guarantees he gave us, unless he actually cancelled the booking, we would not be entitled to a refund. We’ve been burned before on Airbnb, but this was a surprise. We’ll never use them again – beware.

  75. Patrick 5 months ago

    Slim profit margins do not excuse unethical behavior during exceptional times. People use Airbnb for similar trust and safety they are provided by hotels, yet Airbnb has comepltely failed in this regard. Though you and Airbnb would like to simply refer to the small print to keep our money, it is wrong and immoral. I say this as host and traveler. I would never think of keeping anyone’s payment at the moment simply because a contract allowed me too.

  76. Jeff 5 months ago

    Why not publish the people doing this? Here’s the apartment we booked in Paris which the owner refused to give us even a partial refund after telling us he would if travel was restricted with Covid-19. Luc & Agnes, you are not good people.
    Tour Eiffel Passy Trocadéro
    28 Rue de l’Annonciation Bâtiment sur cour, Paris, Île-de-France 75016, France

  77. 5 months ago

    in December 2019 I booked a vacation to Hawaii for July 2020. In June as it was evident that the virus is not going away and Hawaii was on lockdown I contacted air BNB to check on cancellation.

    they stated that even though airlines and Hawaii were saying people cannot come to Hawaii they would not cancel my July reservation. Eventually at the end of June I had to make a decision and I canceled my flight as well as my Airbnb reservations

    Even though Hawaii has extended the lockdown through the end of July Airbnb has refused to Refund me the money they had taken from me

    I’ve had numerous email conversation with “John” an airbnb representative. When I asked him if I could speak to a supervisor he said he was the supervisor and it would be no refund issued to me

    Congress, immediately needs to look at why they are funneling money to this company when they are not refunding money to people that have paid for services that they will not receive

    I highly recommend and encourage people not to book with this company, on the other hand the host did return their portion of the money to me

    Boycott Airbnb

  78. Martijn 5 months ago

    I cancelled a planned July trip to Paris in May, which was too early to qualify for the extenuating circumstances policy. Our host had a strict cancellation policy, so it was up to his discretion to refund our 50% deposit. Which, of course, didn’t happen. Airbnb customer service asked the host to consider a refund, but when the host refused, Airbnb threw up their hands and said “We’re just a platform…” Be that as it may, they could have been flexible in their application of the extenuating circumstances policy. I would have been happy with a voucher, or even a partial refund. Instead, I kept hitting a brick wall. One of the most aggravating things for me was that, immediately after my cancellation, our host changed his cancellation policy for future rentals to flexible (100% refund up to 24 hours before check-in). So, he was happy to be a lot more flexible for future guests but at the same time completely happy to take our money. I could use more choice words, but let me just say that our host was not nice at all. I might post his listing too at some point in the future.

    Out of sheer frustration, I keep using all the tools that the website offers to make my case. I’ve requested a refund 5 times now, and this is the second time that I am escalating it to the resolution center (the first time, I spent over 2 weeks in back and forth emails with customer service). I will probably also report the host (there’s a “report host” button somewhere on the site) and flag the listing.

    As a final note, I’d recommend disputing any charges for cancelled trips with your credit card company. It’s not clear yet whether this will be successful for me, but you wouldn’t believe how quickly Airbnb got in touch with me when they found out AMEX was disputing a charge. Their mailbot is apparently lot quicker than customer service. I was also threatened that if I file any more charge disputes in the future, Airbnb may cancel my account. Ah well, I can live with that.

  79. Jennie 5 months ago

    I am so disappointed with Airbnb. I book several Airbnb’s a year and post on social media about my experiences. However due to Covid 19 and quarantine restrictions, I had to cancel my trip to California. I had three Airbnb’s booked for my time time. Two of my hosts returned my money, however one host kept half. What makes me the most upset is Airbnb took all of my service fees! I went back and forth with “Mia” begging her to at least allow me to use the service fees to a future Airbnb. She refused and kept citing the extenuating circumstance policy. I am a customer who uses Airbnb many many times a year, what an awful company in how they treat their long time customers.

  80. Jennie 5 months ago

    I am so disappointed with Airbnb. I book several Airbnb’s a year and post on social media about my experiences. However due to Covid 19 and quarantine restrictions, I had to cancel my trip to California. I had three Airbnb’s booked for my time time. Two of my hosts returned my money, however one host kept half. What makes me the most upset is Airbnb took all of my service fees! “Mia”, my case manager refused and kept citing the extenuating circumstance policy. I am a customer who uses Airbnb many many times a year, what an awful company in how they treat their long time customers.

  81. Neda 5 months ago

    My friends and I booked an airbnb in Los Angeles, California back in February, before we even found out about the spread of COVID-19 to the US. We were hoping that the spread would slow down by the time our check in date was, which is July 29th. But the rising cases continued and California’s governor issued another slow lockdown where indoor facilities could not have people come in because of the rising cases. We live in Kansas, and were very excited to travel to LA. Once we found out that the risk was very high traveling there, and that if we went there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine after you return, we decided to cancel the reservation because 1.) we do not want to risk spreading the virus to others and family 2.) We cannot miss work for 14 days, how would we get payed when we are all young college students struggling to pay rent, tuition, insurance, car payments, and so on. 3.) We would be restricted to do certain things. Our hosts name is Emily and she declined our request to give us a full refund back, which I thought was very rude and she lacked common decency. We are all hard working people and it’s not fair that she would keep our money when we are not even going. I would understand if we cancelled the day of or the day before but we cancelled 2 weeks ahead of time. This is completely unacceptable and immoral.
    This is the link for her listing, she should be called out for her lack of common decency of basically taking free money from kids who work $10 an hour jobs. Even the airline we bought our plane tickets from gave us our money back.

  82. Lisa Reese 4 months ago

    I booked a condo with Airhnb – this was supposed to be a much anticipated trip to Floria to visit with our daughter,trip scheduled for Sept-my flight was cancelled , which was out of my control, thus leaving me with no choice but to attempt to cancel my reservation or change dates. . I am very disheartened with Airhnb , after numerous attempts / 45-60 minute wait times , only to finally speak with customer service representatives whom have all given me a big runabout – stating my case would be reviewed by “service specialists “- I have yet to receive a call back. Only communication I have is via online chat. Airhnb is telling me my case does not fall into extenuating circumstance policy, and I must reach out to the host for refund. Host “generously” offered me supposed 50% refund. – however , I paid over $500.00 for first installment of lodging -and my refund is a whooping $45.00. Host did mention rebooking for different time, however in light of COVID I am not comfortable in traveling right now – as I am an RN and can not afford to self quarantine for 14 days post trip – and spouse is comprised with COPD. I have since disputed charge with my financial institution, not sure of outcome. Needless to say- I will never be using Airhnb in the future – and will spread word to family/ friends / public of how unjust/ unfair this corporation is to their customers. – as I have certainly received zero help/ aide from them.

  83. Malthida Alex 4 months ago

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    • Robin Morris 4 months ago

      Are you freaking serious…why are you posting here????? Are you an employee of Air BnB or a Super Host?

  84. christian 4 months ago

    Hi we just learnt we can not go to Boston , Ma. because of new quarantine policy from Ma. Governor starting August 1st for all States of US except 4 . We asked for the refund of our booking and impossible to recover the money as this is the Airbnb policy . Shame on this cie , l will never use this cie again ,

  85. christian 4 months ago

    Hi we just learnt we can not go to Boston , Ma. because of new quarantine policy from Ma. Governor starting August 1st for all States of US except 4 . We asked for the refund of our booking and impossible to recover the money as this is the Airbnb policy . did you sue Airbnb ? if yes , we would like to join your movement . thanks

    Christian and Laura Pennec

  86. Laurie 4 months ago

    I booked a condo in January 20 20 for a trip in August 2020. I waited until the Airbnb site had extended their COVID-19 cancellation policy to include the dates that I booked and also that I had for travel to cancel my reservation. Airbnb gave me a refund of $22.48 out of $546.32. I’ve tried numerous attempts by telephone email Twitter and cannot get the rest of my money back. Just the runaround between Airbnb and the host. Terrible company they need to be sued. I’m not giving up I’m going to keep trying to get my hard earned money back. However I will never ever use Airbnb again.

  87. Laurie Keister 4 months ago

    I booked a condo in January 20 20 for a trip in August 2020. I waited until the Airbnb site had extended their COVID-19 cancellation policy to include the dates that I booked and also that I had for travel to cancel my reservation. Airbnb gave me a refund of $22.48 out of $546.32. I’ve tried numerous attempts by telephone email Twitter and cannot get the rest of my money back. Just the runaround between Airbnb and the host. Terrible company they need to be sued. I’m not giving up I’m going to keep trying to get my hard earned money back. However I will never ever use Airbnb again.

  88. Sonnie Saenz 4 months ago

    rip offs we need to get together and do something about there cancelation fees

  89. Robin Morris 4 months ago

    I also got shafted. I tried to cancel within 48 hours of making my reservation when I was sent the address and realized the “Whole House” with a “pool” was actually a duplex with a shared pool….an outright lie in my opinion. The “Super Host “should have been up front with it but they sited their refusal as “duplex with shared pool was in the 8th paragraph of the fine print. I am skeptical of the Reviews too….I think they are created by friends and family of the hosts as, in my case, there was no mention of the shared pool,etc. especially given the pandemic. I’ll never use AirBNB again…if anyone knows how I can take action let me know. I’m in. For now, I guess I will go and stay….my review is my only recourse.

  90. Francisca 4 months ago

    We made a reservation in Gig Harbor for July 23-28, 2020 for a family reunion. We paid a deposit of $764.60. The reservation was made on March 1, 2020 and canceled on March 12, 2020. This was done because the reunion was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and my husband heart problems. Airbnb only refunded us $59.14 for its service fee and is refusing to refund us our deposit. They advised me to contact the host for a refund. I contacted the host but they said to contact Airbnb to get a refund using their extenuating circumstances policy. I emailed Airbnb but all they do is to inform me to contact the host and soon thereafter they close the case. I have also contacted the host to see if we could get a credit for a future stay after the pandemic eases, but they declined to do so. We feel it is very unfair to not get even a partial refund since we canceled with ample time to benefit the host. He was able to book another reservation for those canceled days.

  91. Simone 4 months ago

    I cancelled my 7 day vacation to CA in June, 18 days before check-in, due to Covid 19. I knew I would lose the $2300, I did get back the service fee. I contacted the host and kindly asked for a refund or future travel credit, but he refused. I accepted that. A few days later, I checked the availability for the same dates for his house, and noticed it was not available, meaning it had been rebooked by someone else. The rates were higher by then, it was a very desirable place. If my assumption is correct, that the house was rented to someone else during the same period, shouldn’t I be entitled to a refund? Can a host charge a guest, the guest cancels, then the host charges another guest the same amount or more, and does not refund the first guest?

  92. Nikole 4 months ago

    Hey Airbnb in South Bay,
    I would side with you except in this case what you just specified is not what happened. I booked in Feb 2020. Prior to the pandemic hitting. By those standards, I should get my full refund. Unless you have valid proof that people are cancelling after the Pandemic started happening, I’d say your “best guess” isn’t what is exactly happening. If you want people to rent from you again and it’s before the March 14 through (currently) End of Sept, you will refund the full amount. If you don’t, be prepared for those to review your attitude as horrible, not sufficient for the Gods Act that has happened Globally. Services were not rendered so no you don’t get to “keep” your non customers money as a slush fund. You should do insurance claims if that’s the case or have insurance on your place… NOT the other way around.

  93. Phoebe Attia 4 months ago

    Airbnb’s extenuating circumstances policy regarding booking after March 14 is nonsense. They claim that after that date Circumstances like travel Restrictions don’t apply for a refund because they are not unforseen. This is absurd. I booked in May for reservation in September based on reports by Israel that they will open the country to US tourists. They didn’t in June and announced opening August 1, then August 16, neither of which occurred. I spoke to a representative in July asking if there was a way to get a refund as it IS unforseen that Israel would keep changing dates allowing tourists from US in. Kevin a supervisor alerted the host, not my intention I could have done that, but I told him I was being proactive in asking 2 months before my reservation date. He said he had contacted the host and the host agreed to mutual cancellation meaning I would get the full refund. When I followed his instructions on how to cancel after it was clear that tourists from other countries were allowed in but not tourists from the US, which were to contact them and how to request the mutual refund they said in writing the host had agreed to I didn’t hear back from them, it’s the 5th day no response whatsoever and now the host denied the mutual cancellation saying that he did not agree to a mutual cancellation. Neither would he agree to change dates claiming I intentionally didn’t cancel so the dates aren’t open when in fact he denied the mutual cancellation AIRBNB offered as a resolution beyond the policy and by denying a date change he also holds those dates closed and can’t fill them. The host will no longer speak to me and plans to keep my entire payment because he claims he never told Airbnb that he agreed to a mutual cancellation. Now Airbnb is not responding and neither is the host. Has anyone else experienced this? I hear lots of hosts complaining about how it effects them but what about how this effects guests? It is clear to me that Airbnb is responsible for misinformation and is responsible to not penalize the host and is responsible to refund my $3000 reservation.

  94. Matt Richards 3 months ago

    The host actually contacted us to cancel when the US Virgin Islands shut down 2 days before our trip. Of the $2500, she offered a $813 refund and told us we were lucky to even get that.

    I called the USVI and it was actually ILLEGAL for her to check us in because of the Governor’s moratorium on new check-ins which started on the day we were supposed to arrive. We had no choice but to cancel, and because we did she said it was our choice no refund.

    How can a host possible justify not refunding the amount when they themselves are not legally able to accept customers? This is pure robbery. Airbnb and the host are unjustly enriched for services not rendered and they can’t make the argument that they could have otherwise rented the space.

    Owning a business has risk, these hosts have risks just like anyone else.

    I will join the first class action possible and will be disputing and filing claims until the bitter end. What a scam.

  95. Rich 2 months ago

    Wtf!?! This company should go bankrupt!!
    They want to go public and raise billions of dollars in stocks and they are punishing the customers that put them there!?!!
    Boycott these mother fu**ers!!!

  96. Orlando 1 month ago

    Yeah they got me too.412$ canadian. They refused to refund me or credit me.

  97. Haley 4 weeks ago

    I got screwed out of nearly $500. I cancelled within the 48 hour allowance but they kept my service fee when I prepaid 4K. They refuse to contact me, call me in the middle of the night and now continue to forcibly close my case. How am I supposed to get ahold of them when they’re using corona as an excuse to not have anyone available to answer phones.

  98. Barry Gill 4 weeks ago

    Airbnb takes no responsibility. If host allows you to cancel. No problem. If they do not, they leave you hanging. I lost 376$ because my host in Porto had a a cancellation policy. I cancelled on March 14th. I had booked in Dec 2019. I have tried multiple times but just worn out by their bots. I got through once but the put me back on the bot merry go round.

  99. Ivette G 3 weeks ago

    Host keeps your money EVEN though you cancel 3 months ahead!! Convention canceled event and Wyndham Baltimore National Harbour
    Hosted by Tara STOLE our money!! Airbnb not standing by the customer!!

  100. Heather 1 week ago

    We paid $7,000 USD for a three month rental that was canceled in the middle of the night. Airbnb will not give me my money back but they can cancel a long term rental at any time. Terrifying. How is AirBNB able to steal so much money without oversight?!

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