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Affordable Housing Coming to Santa Clara

A 65-unit multifamily, affordable apartment project is set to begin construction in late 2020. The project is on a vacant 2.5-acre City of Santa Clara-owned property located at 2330 Monroe St. In January, the Santa Clara City Council unanimously approved the development of 65 affordable housing units to increase the City’s affordable housing stock and address the growing population of adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.

All units are deed restricted for very low-income, low-income and moderate-income households, with 25 percent of the units reserved for intellectually and/or developmentally disabled persons. Housing Choices Coalition for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Inc. will provide social services as needed for this project.

“This proposal truly encapsulates the idea of Housing for All,” said David Meyer, Director of Strategic Initiatives at SV@Home. “It includes a wide range of affordability levels. We especially want to highlight that it includes 16 homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, a vulnerable community in dire need of meaningful housing solutions. We are excited that this development responds to the diverse housing needs of people of all incomes and abilities who live and work in Santa Clara.”


The Council approved an agreement with Freebird Development in December 2018.. The City will transfer a long-term ground lease to Freebird Development for the affordable project and supply a supplemental capital loan of up to $5 million through a loan agreement.

“The City’s existing market rate rental housing is simply out of reach for many working families, so we’re committed to increasing the availability of housing options for very low-income Santa Clara residents,” said Jonathan Veach, Housing Division Manager. “This project was the result of a community partnership and will positively affect the surrounding neighborhood, while aligning with the City’s goals to diversify its local housing stock.”

Visit for more information on affordable housing and the 2330 Monroe Street Project.


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