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A Real Life Ice Box: Softball and Football for Racquel Blassingame

In the Disney kid’s movie The Little Giants, the heroin of the film, Becky “Ice Box” O’Shea is a ferocious linebacker for her football team. In real life, Santa Clara Bruins senior Racquel Blassingame has played a similar role on defense for her squad. Blassingame joined the varsity football team the past two seasons as a defensive lineman, knocking down barriers in the male dominated sport.

In addition to football, Blassingame has been a key fixture on the Bruins’ varsity softball team since her sophomore year. Playing all over the diamond at times, Blassingame shines the brightest from behind the plate. An excellent arm allows her to do impressions of her favorite catcher growing up.

“As a catcher throwing out girls is something I’ve always enjoyed,” admitted Blassingame. “Growing up a Giants fan, it’s been fun watching Buster Posey both on TV and at the games. Throwing out runners is super fun for me and brings up the energy in the dugout.”


Blassingame says she is really going to miss the camaraderie with her teammates, a lot of whom she has grown up playing with since they were much younger in Santa Clara PAL.

“I’m really going to miss not playing this season if it gets cancelled,” said the senior. “We were really looking forward to this season since we have such a tight-knit group.”

The softball season had barely begun when schools started shutting down. If games do get to start up again, Bruins Head Coach Julie Kawamoto will certainly be relying heavily on Blassingame to lead the squad.

“Rocky has been a vocal leader the last couple of years,” said Coach Kawamoto. “She’s a hard worker who never settles for only doing what is asked of her. She comes early to practice and stays later to get extra work in.”

After she graduates, Blassingame is planning on going to Foothill college to continue playing football. As for softball, she says it is wait and see at the moment, but that she would love to play both if she can. Eventually, Blassingame wants to get into coaching football.


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