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A Chorus Line

Image by Larry Sacks

Starting Arts’ production of A Chorus Line ran from Jan. 11 through January 14 at the Performing Arts Center at Santa Clara High School.  The production featured Starting Arts’ Dream Team and, as with past Dream Team performances, it succeeded on all levels as the show was able to make me think I wasn’t just watching a performance by high school students, but that I was watching an actual Broadway show audition, hearing and seeing the actors expressing real emotions about their lives and current situations in life.

Having won nine Tony Awards and being one of the longest running shows on Broadway, A Chorus Line is not your ordinary musical.  According to Alicia Sanders, Dream Team Director, “To say that A Chorus Line is iconic is an understatement. To a performer, it is gospel—a show that perfectly captures and reflects the ups and downs of a changing and demanding industry.”

The plot of A Chorus Line takes the viewer into the auditions of a Broadway show and we see what the director, Zach (Ami Bharghavan), sees as each dancer is interviewed.


The Dream Team features actors in 9th through 12th grades who have passed an audition and are considered “triple threats” in music, theater and dance. Starting Arts’ next productions, Haphazardly Ever After will run Jan. 18-19 and will be performed by Cabrillo Middle School students at Cabrillo Middle School in Santa Clara and The Little Mermaid, performed by the Starting Arts Studios and run Jan. 27-28 at the Historic Hoover Theater in San Jose.  For more information on Starting Arts, please visit their website, or call them at (408) 492-9022.


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