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zDen: Sleeping Without Light

“More light!” were Goethe’s last words. Sunnyvale-based zDen aims for the opposite.

ZDen is the name of a product invented by Danielle Fujii. It aims to improve people’s sleep by enclosing the upper body, blocking outdoor – and indoor – light sources.

The portable sleeping aid can be used for an entire night’s sleep, for a nap, or to support those struggling with insomnia or other sleep disorders. For those suffering sleep apnea, the product can also accommodate a CPAP hose.


“ZDen’s inherent darkness helps users fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, contributing to overall sleep quality,” said Fujii.

“By creating an effectively dark environment, zDen enables deeper, more restorative sleep, which is often disrupted by light pollution from various sources,” explained Fujii.

Sleeping habits often differ greatly from person to person. Fujii’s product is intended to accommodate the varied schedules and ways of living which can lead to nonideal sleeping patterns.

ZDen is used by daytime sleepers, travelers wanting consistent sleep conditions, or anyone who wants to improve their quality of sleep.

The product was born from the personal troubles of its founder.

“I was grappling with migraines, exacerbated by light sensitivity, and was finding it hard to sleep,” Fujii recalled. “I sought a way to truly block out light for my recovery and sleep.

“The makeshift solution I fashioned became the blueprint for zDen,” continued Fujii. “I am on a mission to bring better sleep to everyone.”

To fund her invention, Fujii began an IndieGoGo campaign. It has since raised $17,000 dollars from over 200 backers.

“Our IndieGoGo campaign was a learning experience, serving as a strong validation of the need for a product like zDen in the market,” Fujii said. “Our backers are individuals who empathize with the struggle for quality sleep. They’re visionaries who recognized the potential of zDen to revolutionize our sleep habits.

“The support is incredibly heartening and affirming,” she said. “Beyond funding, the campaign has provided us with invaluable feedback from our backers.

“After the successful completion of our campaign, we transitioned to IndieGoGo’s InDemand, while also launching our own website,,” Fujii continued. “Now, we’re reaching out to people across the globe to help them achieve better sleep.”

According to Fujii, the quality of sleep has many important consequences – not only physical but mental too.

“Quality sleep isn’t merely about feeling refreshed – it serves crucial roles in various aspects of our physical health, such as bolstering immune function, managing metabolism, and aiding in muscle recovery,” Fujii explained.

“From a mental health perspective, consistent, high-quality sleep can enhance concentration, productivity, and overall cognitive function. It’s a key component in memory consolidation and learning, which are particularly vital in our fast-paced, information-loaded world,” continued Fujii. “Furthermore, quality sleep can mitigate the risk of serious health conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It also plays a pivotal role in maintaining a robust immune system. In essence, by facilitating quality sleep, zDen contributes to enhancing your overall well-being.”

ZDen also has a product – Pets Cozy – for one’s four-legged friends.

“The idea of zDen Pets Cozy was sparked by observing our dogs’ attraction to the comfort and tranquility my zDen provided,” Fujii said.

“Dogs and cats are natural den animals. A dark, cozy space can provide a sense of security and calm for them. Essentially a mini zDen, it has been modified with pet-specific features to optimize their comfort,” continued Fujii.

“We’re excited to announce that zDen Pets Cozy, crafted from the same certified non-toxic fabric as the original zDen, will begin shipping in July,” said Fujii.

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