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City Manager Calls for External Review of Levi’s Stadium Stabbing

Santa Clara will conduct an external review after a man was stabbed at Levi’s Stadium on July 2. In a memo released on July 11, Santa Clara City Manager Jovan Grogan said three debriefs about the event have already occurred between the Stadium Authority, Forty-Niners Management Company (ManCo) and the Bay Area Host Committee – the official host organization for the 2026 World Cup and Super Bowl LX. All three have agreed to pay for an external review of safety measures at the stadium.

“Both entities have concurred with the need for an external review, and further expressed a willingness to underwrite a portion of the cost for the review,” read the memo. “Accordingly, the Stadium Authority will contract for the work, with approximately 50% of the cost paid by the Forty Niners as well as a contribution from the Bay Area Host Committee.”

Grogan also said the City will strive for transparency.


“As we simultaneously complete a debrief of the July 2 event and assess immediate changes that can be implemented for upcoming events, Stadium Authority staff will develop a scope of work for an external review and solicit proposals from entities with expertise in large venue/event security,” read the memo. “Further, we will work with the Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) and legal counsel to ensure that the public discussions and presentation of the final report will balance the need for transparency with the need for protection of sensitive/confidential security procedures in and around Levi’s Stadium.”

The stabbing incident occurred after the second game of a doubleheader soccer match at Levi’s Stadium. At the close of the Qatar-Mexico match in the Concacaf Gold Cup, a man was stabbed and the suspect got away.

SCPD’s Lt. Cuong Phan told The Weekly that ManCo and SCPD have launched an investigation to “determine how the knife was able to enter the stadium.” Currently, the department and ManCo implement a “layered response system with complimentary, non-duplicative responsibilities” that include entry checkpoints at the gates and magnetometers.

Police identified the suspect quickly and arrested 29-year-old Alejandro Garcia-Villanueva at his home in Sacramento on July 4. Garcia-Villanueva will be charged with attempted murder. Investigators say they questioned the person of interest but determined that she did not commit a crime.

Police say this remains an active investigation and if you have any additional information, please call Det. Sgt. Doug Gerbrandt at (408) 615-4823 or the anonymous tip line at (408) 615-4TIP (4847).

Following the stabbing, Grogan says that there were three post-event debrief meetings. Two of these meetings occurred within 72 hours of the event. The first debriefing was with SCPD, and the second with security and management employees at ManCo. A third debrief was yesterday between all three parties – SCPD, ManCo and the Stadium Authority staff.

“Topics discussed included pre-event planning activities, tailgating, parking lot operations and roadway impacts, entrance and exit procedures, neighborhood protection and quality of life impacts, mobile vending/peddlers, incident response times, event staffing (law enforcement and ManCo security staff/contractors), alcohol sales, media/press responses, and more,” read the memo.

All of the details will be presented to the City Council tonight.


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