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West Mont Fire

West Mont Fire

Firefighters from Engine 2 and a Volunteer Reserve Firefighter were part of a large response by the Santa Clara Fire Department to reports of a fire and explosions at the Westmont Senior Independent Living Home on Sunday, April 21. The problem wound up being a vehicle fire in the underground garage and the reports of the explosions were the vehicle’s tires bursting. Santa Clara Fire Department responded with trucks from Fire Station 4 (2323 Pruneridge Avenue), Fire Station 7 (3495 Benton Street), Fire Station 1 (777 Benton Street), Fire Station 3 (2821 Homestead Road), Fire Station 5 (1912 Bowers Avenue), Fire Station 2 (1900 Walsh Avenue), Fire Station 9 (3011 Corvin Drive) and Fire Station 8 (2400 Agnew Road). While the response might seem excessive, the Fire Department was responding to a situation that may have necessitated evacuating a 130-unit Senior living facility.

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