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Week of August 14

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (August 12, 1913)
*’Trade at Home’ Campaign Successful: Commercial League Advertising Town Using Lantern Slides in Live Wire Promotion
*Commercial League Favors Bond Issue to Improve Highway through Town
*Funeral of Oldest Pioneer Resident: I.N. Thompson Dies at Family Home on Main St.
*In the Realm of Fashion: This Year’s Bathing Suits are Grotesque and Bizarre

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal (August 14, 1963)
*Booz, Allen, Hamilton Document Analyzes What Outsider’s Think of Santa Clara: Knocked as a ‘Small Town’ but Touted as a ‘Prime Location’ for Industry
*Shopping Carts Disappearing: ‘Borrowed’ or ‘Stolen’: Replacement Cost Per Cart: $45
*Bookworms Photographed Wearing Navy Jet Flyer’s Helmet: Honors for Children Who Read 10 Books for Library’s Navy Blue Angels-themed Vacation Reading Club
*Santa Clara High’s Don Schollander Still Collecting Swim Records
*Former Mayor Maurice Dullea Heads Citywide Fund Drive for 2 Statues for New Civic Center: Goal: Raise $85,000

Compiled by Mary Hanel, Local History Librarian Santa Clara City Library



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