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Viva la Northside Celebrates Library’s Third Anniversary

According to Cheryl Lee, Northside Library’s branch manager and program coordinator, it was a busy year for the library between August 2016 to August 2017. During this year, Northside Library had an estimated 340,000 checkouts and visits, 30,000 program attendees and 388 programs. To celebrate its three-year anniversary, Lee and the library staff organized the Aug. 12 Viva la Northside. The day’s entertainment danced on the theme of Las Vegas.

“The residents have fought hard to make sure this library opened so it’s a big celebration,” Lee said and then shared the day’s first highlight. “Since people sometimes go to Las Vegas to get married, Ken and Barbie are going to get married here.”

In the early morning, models for Ken and Barbie in elegant wedding attire stood under a decorated white arch and took pictures with attendees.


Just as magicians can perform in Las Vegas, magician Steve Koehler, also known as Mr. Horsefeathers, performed at the library. Koehler elicited awe from his audience when he juggled balls and knives. He also showed various tricks, such as pulling a long wad of paper out of his mouth and making a coin mysteriously disappear then suddenly appear on his eye.

“In downtown Las Vegas, there’s the Fremont Street Experience (an entertainment district) with rock bands on a stage,” Lee said. “Here we have the School of Rock.”

Outside the library, young musicians from the School of Rock Palo Alto presented popular hits such as James Brown’s “I Feel Good” with vocals and accompanying instruments.

“We have Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas; here at Northside Library, the last performers of the day are Coventry & Kaluza, a circus themed act,” said Lee, who pointed out this act’s captivating hula hoop finale.


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