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Valley Fair Launches MIX for Restaurants and Customers

It is now easier for you to gain access to the restaurants at Westfield’s Valley Fair, even during COVID-19. The company has teamed with Kitchen United to create MIX. It’s a platform that allows customers to order from multiple Westfield restaurants at once.

“Shoppers will now have access to their favorite Westfield Valley Fair restaurants from the comfort of home, and have the added convenience of being able to order from a number of different concepts all on the same bill,” said Joy Lai, Chief Operating Officer of Kitchen United.

“With the flexibility to place one order with multiple restaurants simultaneously, regardless of location, restaurants have the ability to capitalize on the demand for food to-go, while our guests receive a customized dining experience,” said Kate Diefenderfer, Director of Marketing for Westfield Valley Fair.


Under the MIX concept, customers can order online from any of the Westfield Valley Fair restaurants signed up for the program. Restaurants will fill the order and then distribute the orders to lockers for pick-up or to the ground floor for delivery.

Koja Kitchen owner Vincent Luu says it’s already made a difference.

“Already, we are seeing more and more orders coming from the platform, and being on MIX is added exposure for our restaurant to another customer base,” said Luu. “There is no doubt that the added exposure will drive additional to-go traffic to any restaurant that partners with Kitchen United.”

Luu says the program is also better for customers because they don’t have to wait as long for food or worry about their food getting cold.

“The Kitchen United team handles the third-party handoff logistic (Doordash, UberEats, etc). This will drastically shorten the pickup cycle that drivers have to go through before picking up from our restaurant — having to find center parking, walking inside the center to find the restaurant, and then going back out. Previously, this cycle could be 20 minutes or more depending on the season. Now, it is a simple and painless curbside service,” said Luu.

Westfield says not only is MIX convenient, it’s also designed to minimize the cost to restaurants and customers.

“Delivery fees are subsidized which allows the customers to pay a flat $3.99 home delivery fee,” said a Westfield spokesperson. “Additionally, they’ve locked in much lower delivery rates on behalf of the restaurants than traditional third-party vendors provide, allowing the restaurants to offer customers delivery while remaining more profitable.

In addition to Koja Kitchen, participating restaurants include Pizza My Heart, Big Fish Little Fish, Men Oh Ramen, Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine and Haagen Dazs. More are expected to be added soon.

To order, visit and search for “Mix.”


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