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Unique Hands-on Charity Work is Vibrant at Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School

Providing service to others, the environment and the community, has always been a part of the Saint Lawrence Elementary and Middle School philosophy. From monthly service projects to all-school participation in giving and volunteer work, being involved in the community has been fundamental for decades. However, service projects and community involvement have a fresh look this year.

Led by Religion Coordinator, Sherry Scott, the students and staff were provided with the opportunity to join the Sunday Friends Program. Sunday Friends, a non-profit organization founded in 1997, collaborates with elementary schools in the South Bay to bring their program to local students.

The Saint Lawrence students and their families are invited to attend monthly outings of charity work where they interact with and give to those in the community. The outings have not only provided community building for the students, but have made charity work relatable, accessible and hands-on.


Recently, inspired by Principal Martin Procaccio, students in the middle school were challenged to create service projects and spring them into action.

One project was a knitting service. Students taught themselves how to knit, practiced with their teachers and peers, and got all of their supplies donated. They worked on their knitting for over a month, and took over 50 hand-knit scarves to the Bill Wilson Center.


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