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Triton Museum Holds 2D Competition

Triton Museum Holds 2D Competition

With the popularity of the Triton Museum of Art’s annual statewide competitions and exhibitions reaching an all-time high, the museum added a new contest, Salon at the Triton: A 2D Art Competition and Exhibition. Encompassing paintings, drawings, printmaking and photography, the new exhibit takes up nearly two-thirds of the museum’s space to accommodate the wealth of talented artists whose work was chosen.

An African child stares directly at the viewer; his cherub cheeks showing his innocence. A figure reflects back from his dark brown eyes. His mouth, slightly agape, and yellowed eyes tell a tale of hardships known only to him. The white background he stands against encompasses him – overtaking the space where defined lines should construct the outline of his face and shoulders.

Stephanie Lam’s oil painting, “African Child III,” took top honors at the competition, winning the Santa Clara University graduate a solo show at the museum in 2016.


“I’m so impressed by the artwork in this show and so humbled to have had two of my pieces accepted,” said Lam. “I can’t wait to share what evolves from this series of African children; I’m already planning a trip to several African countries to further develop the work for the 2016 solo exhibition.”

Lam was not the only one receiving a Best in Show badge. Santa Clara resident Yao-pi Hsu also won with “Flow and Splash,” a photograph that looks more like a painting with waves crashing over rocks, splashing into the river below. “Flow and Splash” won Hsu a solo exhibit at the Triton in 2016.

“Water is a favorite subject for me,” said Hsu. “When I capture its stillness I’m able to communicate an introspective experience; I’m able to evoke a mood of reflection. ‘Flow and Splash’ is a moment when water is in motion. I’m able to suggest a more outgoing, dynamic experience; the smooth and silky feeling of “Flow and Splash” also evokes a mood of calmness. I am very excited to have this opportunity for a solo show at Triton Museum of Art in 2016.”

Other winners include:
First place, painting: Eugene Rodriguez, “The Great Society – A Work in Progress”
Second place, painting: Lou Bermingham, “Gold is the Earth”
Third place, painting: Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila, “Her Muses”
First place, drawing and printmaking: Sandra Jones, “Time Waits for No One”
Second place, drawing and printmaking: Susana Terrell, “Punchinello Rescue II”
Third place, drawing and printmaking: Peter Baczek, “NX2 Laurel”
First place, photography: Ron Dell’ Aquila, “The Toy Maker”
Second place, photography: Tom Pipinou, “Purgatory”
Third place, photography: Hsu, “Beyond the Surface”
Honorable mentions: Theresa Merchant’s “Crime and Punishment,” Jeff Owen’s “Squeezer,” Dana Harris’ “Gemini,” Lucy Liew’s “Reverence,” Martha Castillo’s “Meadow,” Helen Bellaver’s “Packard Grand,” Alice Weil’s “A Quiet Moment,” Kim Newell’s “After the Storm,” Clark Gussin’s “The Whopper,” Cherryl Pape’s “James,” Lam’s “African Child I” and B. Nicole Klassen’s “Canto”

The winners were chosen by Chief Curator Preston Metcalf and curators Ester Fernandez and Stephanie Learmonth. Salon at the Triton: A 2D Art Competition and Exhibition will be on display through Feb. 8 at 1505 Warburton Ave. in Santa Clara.


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