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Triton Gala: A Truly Hands-On Tradition

Triton Gala: A Truly Hands-On Tradition

It’s appropriate that an art museum dedicated to innovative contemporary art puts a unique spin on the challenge of raising money. Not only can visitors at Santa Clara’s Triton Museum’s annual fundraising Gala buy art, they can also watch local visual artists make art.

It’s one aspect of the decade-old event that brings art lovers back year after. “One person told me they came back because of the demonstrating artists,” says Triton Development Manager Chris Chang Weeks.


In light of the continuing bad economy, this year’s Gala on May 6 was a solid success. The event drew 250 attending and netted $33,000, according to Chang Weeks. “In the current economy, this support is even more essential to support our exhibitions, art education programs, and community outreach.”

This year’s gala was the first for young San Jose artist Henry Asencio, who has received international recognition for his figure studies, characterized by their bold use of color and texture.

A 1999 graduate of the San Francisco Art Academy, Asencio’s preferred medium is oil painting, noting that “nothing compares to oil’s richness and workability” and “it fits my technique perfectly.” Asencio begins his paintings with a figure drawing. He then mixes colors and applies the paint with a palette knife to achieve his eye-catching style.

“The Triton gala is another aspect of the creative energy of our community, which we often think of in the context of technology,” says community activist Teresa O’Neill. “The technology and business communities, as well as individuals, recognize the importance of fostering the visual and performing arts in our community.”

The Triton Museum of Art is at 1505 Warburton Ave. in Santa Clara and is open Wednesday through Sunday. Admission and parking are always free. For information, visit or call (408) 247-3754.


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