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Triton Free Fridays &ndash Music and a Show

Triton Free Fridays – Music and a Show Triton Free Fridays – Music and a Show

The Triton Free Fridays continued last week to a packed house once again. Anyone who doesn’t believe it’s possible to bring a crowd to a museum on a Friday night for a free show certainly hasn’t been to one of the Free Friday events yet. But they’re all shows that shouldn’t be missed.

The most recent performance took place on November 6. This show featured an additional treat. Instead of just one performance group, guests were greeted to two completely different performances.

Headlining was the South Bay Guitar Society featuring Ben Zussman and Jerry Snyder. Zussman and Snyder performed a wide variety of musical numbers and even included a demonstration of a Flamenco, along with an explanation of the differences in the guitar used for one.


The Santa Clara Players also got into the act of the night with a performance of a one act British comedy – a partially staged reading of a show that featured actors reading their dialog directly from a script. The comedy was a spin off from Hamlet, and featured poor Yorick trying to introduce standup comedy. Many of the jokes were puns – both good and bad, but that’s the story with puns – either they hit the mark or they don’t. In the case of the Santa Clara Players, they all hit their mark and the audience was treated to a rare show of humor, puns and acting free- form. The absence of a formal stage, makeup and memorized lines was more than made up for in the humor and stagecraft displayed by the actors.

For more information on the South Bay Guitar Society, visit their webpage, For more information on the Santa Clara Players, visit their webpage, For more information on the Triton Free Friday program, please visit the Triton’s webpage,, and choose Events.


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