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When Magnolia was given the conditional lease of the old Milikin site, they were told that SCUSD would be unable to renew the lease because of future enrollment. In the interim, the state mandated grade span adjustment (the new class size reduction). Now we have more students and smaller class sizes. SCUSD needs more space. As stipulated in their prior signed contract, SCUSD has indicated to Magnolia that it will not be renewing the lease. Parents and staff at Magnolia are crying foul. Why? It appears that they didn’t really believe the contract that was signed and agreed to by them. Rather than spend time looking for a new location, it also appears that the Magnolia community put all their efforts into political strategy. The funny thing is that this is actually not a political issue. It’s a numbers issue…and what is being counted and prioritized are the students at SCUSD.

– Vickie Fairchild


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